Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Shuttle - Endeavour launch brings fish...

The Space Shuttle launches always brings out the spectators. Local news said to expect a half million or more. Well, the crowds must have been closer to the space center, locally there were only a few dozen. Still – a great fishing opportunity.

First guy I gave a Trillion Dollar Tract to had a German accent. He took the trillion and I also gave him a German Euro. “What is this?”

It has a message on the back about eternity

“I don’t believe in organized religion”

I said I didn’t either. He pushed the euro back at me and was getting agitated but I told him to keep it.

“No – take it back”

I did. He did keep the trillion dollar tract though…….

I kept on going and gave out a few more Trillions..

One couple took the TDB, I heard the German accent – maybe a tour group? I offered the German Euro and they were far more receptive and took the German Euro. They did not want to talk, walked on but kept the tracts…

A few minutes later, I offered a TDB to fellow. He looked at the back, then abruptly handed it back.

“I don’t need this – I’m going to heaven”

Well, how about giving it to someone who is not going.

“NO! take it back”

Do you share your faith?

“Yes he yelled back at me, I’m a minister!”

I don’t know what he was a minister of or to but his hostility sure was evident.

Many people did take the tracts, but were focused on waiting for the shuttle launch, so not much interest in talking – God’s Word will not return void.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don't forget to tip!

I went to the car wash today after my car was bombarded by bugs – a weird phenomenon here in Florida for a few weeks a year. When I opened the car door:

The guy and girl cleaning the interiors of the cars in the area where I was, let out a yelp. Then said – HEY! Look at all the money.

One asked what they were and I said Gospel tracts – the look changed from glee to huh??

Anyway, the place was packed so I let them get on with their job and gave them each a Trillion Dollar bill. Then I thought about the other dozen or so workers so I gave them all a tip.

Yes - they got real $$ as well - please when you leave a tract, where appropriate leave a real tip.....