Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three Dead, Buried and Raised with Him

If you have been keeping up with this blog you might remember a story of a man named Reed. He is terminal and will not be with us long. Last week he asked if he could follow the Lord in baptism!! My good friend Tucker caught me last Saturday and gave me this great news!

James was saved last year after we talked about the crucifix around his neck. We talked about what it really meant and when he realized that he had failed to keep the Law he gave his heart to Christ! He also wanted to be baptized!

Richard and I met when his roommate cussed me out of his room. We went out to the courtyard and talked for a long time. When he realized how far short of God's Law he was he immediately prayed and asked God to save him! Now he wants to take the next step.

Dennis came and helped the guys get ready to go. Tucker and her sister, Janette are awesome friends and they took care of the rest! God bless you guys!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Witnessing in Stuttgart and Paris

On a recent business trip to Germany and France, I was able to visit City Chapel in Stuttgart and Calvary Chapel Paris.

In Stuttgart I was blessed with a guest speaker from Calvary Chapel Jerusalem and Pastor Bradley Antolovich. The blessing was that his message was excellent about their work with the Jewish people and believers plus it was in English.
After service, I met with Rahel, the Evangelism Team Leader and some of her co-workers in Christ.

During lunch I was able to go into detail of the Way of the Master Basic Training Course. This details how to seek and save the lost the way Jesus did. The group was amazed that in a short period of time, you can share your faith, explain and show how the person has sinned as evidenced by the Law, Judgment and Grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.

After a few hours I asked why none had felt led to talk to the waitress. At which point, they said to me “show us how!”
I called the waitress over and asked (fortunately spoke English very well) “If Hell were a real place, would you want to be warned?”
She said yes and I went on to explain how she had sinned because she had told many lies, was a thief and had blasphemed. I explained about judgment if those things had occurred in an earthly court of law but how someone could come in and pay her fine if she would accept this free gift. I explained that person is Jesus Christ and the gift is free but she needed to accept it. All this happened in around 3 minutes.
The team from City Chapel was amazed that the Holy Spirit had worked on this girl and that they would follow up. The team is considering how to arrange the time for a WOTM training course.
After this, I went to the train station but I don't think I spoke to the person who was taken away.

In Paris I met with Pastor Dente. They are undergoing some new building changes and in a bit of turmoil at this time. However, I was able to show him and one of the elders about the Basic Training Course. They are praying about it and are looking for maybe an autumn class. The interesting news is that the building they are trying to rent is Jews for Jesus. I asked about a combined class. How wonderful would that be??

Keep praying for these opportunities.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunday Fishing-Part 2

Walking down the next rows we continued to drop tracts. Diana took one row and I took another, we dropped hundreds! Walking down the row I noticed a man sitting in a van, watching me. I walked over and told him that I would not make him bend down to pick it up and I gave him a $1M bill. I told him it was a gospel tract and that there was a million dollar question on the back. He said, “Oh yeah, this is the part where we are supposed to talk, right?” I said, “Sir, you are big enough to squash me like a bug, so if you don’t want to talk-we are not going to talk!” He said, “No, go ahead.” I asked his name and he told me it was Don. He also told me he was on R and R from the Middle East. I asked him the million dollar question and he began to tell me what a good person and father he was. He told me he was a good husband, etc. I started taking him through the test and he said, “Yeah, yeah I know I’ve sinned.” I told him that we all had but I asked him to slow down and really take it in. He was agreeable that he had sinned but didn’t think that God would condemn him because “God was forgiving”. I explained that God was also Righteous and Holy and Don became quiet. When I told him what Jesus did-he announced the name of Jesus quickly before I did. I told him that it was good to know who Jesus was but not enough. I explained that demons have known Him a lot longer and a lot better than he did-they will not be in Heaven. At this point Don stopped talking and started listening carefully. I told Don that Jesus never offered Himself as a pardon for the demons but He did for Don. We continued to talk for a minute and when I was finished I asked Don what he would do with Jesus. “I would accept Him!!” I waited…and waited. Finally I said, “Don, what keeps you from making this decision today?” He hesitated for a moment as if coming out of a deep sleep and said, “I…nothing. Nothing keeps me from making this decision!” I said, “Why not pray then and take care of it now?” He stuck his large hand out of the window, took my hand and prayed! Diana had walked over toward us to pray when she saw me talking with him and she now came over to us. We were so happy we could have danced! Don got a phone call and we walked away happily. We were about 30’ away from him when he called us back. When we walked over he said, “I just want to say thank you for giving me the Word today! I needed a wake-up call!” Don’t we all, Don!

We were hot and tired and we needed water but we could not stop there so we walked over to Starbucks. Well, we got some water and sat inside near a young couple. He had on earphones and was doing some sort of work on his laptop and she was punching keys on hers. Diana played sinner while I played saint. The girl looked at the guy right after we started talking and he took off his headphones. They both listened intently during the entire conversation. We left these tracts all over when we finished.

Outside we met a man named Dominic. Diana gave him some money while I gave him some water. Concerned for his soul we began to talk with him. He told us that he has been a Christian for 20 years and adamantly said that without Jesus Christ he was, “Nothing!”. We talked a bit and he told us that his wife brings him out every day to sit there. We bid him goodbye and he blessed us.

We made our way to the front doors of Wal-Mart. Diana took the Entrance and I took the Exit. We handed out about 300 more tracts before security came for us again. When Derrick came out the door I asked him if he was the ‘muscle’. He smiled and said no but he refused the $1M bill we offered. We had now been run off for the second time that day but it was worth it!

Luk 14:23 And the lord said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled.

Fishing is always exciting because you never know what you might catch. I remember one time sitting under a bridge in south Texas with my Dad. We were fishing in a swampy lake and we thought the hook might be snagged. We pulled and pulled and thought we were bringing up some weeds and branches. Instead something very strong and dark came up to the surface and rolled over, snapping the hook off. We looked at each other and I think we were both glad it got away!

Not so on this day!!

Sunday Fishing-Part 1

Diana is a teacher, which means she gets the summer off and since she loves to fish as much as I do…we went fishing on Sunday! We decided to go to an outdoor shopping center. We began dropping tracts in the parking lots while we made our way over to the movie theatre.

When we got there we spotted two young men, each sitting alone. She took Matt and I talked with Chaz. This young man listened carefully and was very honest. I left him with a Good Person booklet and he indicated that this was important enough that he would be talking to God later this evening.

Diana was having another conversation with two girls. Both listened carefully as she gave them the Good Person test. Elizabeth failed it and was very disturbed, her eyes held back tears. Her friend Tabitha said she was a Christian and Elizabeth looked shocked, as if she had never heard this before. Diana asked Tabitha where she thought Elizabeth would go if she died this day. She looked disturbed as she said, “Hell”. When we finished, Elizabeth promised not to wait but to make things right with God. 2Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…” in this case it did a little bit of all.

Suddenly we were set upon by two uniformed security officers. Officer H. told us that since we were on private property we would have to stop “soliciting” immediately. He told us to go over to Wal-Mart, that they didn’t mind this sort of thing. We all knew he was just trying to get rid of us but we were obedient and thanked him.

We made our way over to Wal-Mart and began dropping crumpled bill booklets in the parking lot. As we went up the rows we met a gal who was loading the passenger side of her truck. I gave her a $1M and she laughed. I started talking to her and she made a joke and said, “She’s the one who needs to hear this-she’s really had it rough!” as she pointed to her friend making her way toward us. Diana quickly said, “I’ll get her” and walked toward her. I continued to talk and the friend joined us on the other side of the truck. I gave them both the test and “Pam” stopped making jokes. Her friend meanwhile had stopped unloading and put her forehead down on the side of the truck bed, as if she were really bothered by what was being said. They both remained quiet as the gavel of the Law came down.

They did not argue as they were condemned to Hell. When they learned of why Jesus came to die they were silent. I handed “Pam” a Good Person booklet and went around the truck to give her friend one. She never raised her head from the truck but she held out her hand to receive the booklet. We noticed that after they got into the truck they stayed there for quite a while before leaving.

Hebrews 4:12 For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Oh, how awesome to watch it at work!

Headlines: Angels Rejoicing!

Allyson spent the morning with me at the rehab center. We had a great time and met some very nice people. Among them was a lady named Verma.
She listened carefully as Allyson took her thru the Law. She was very concerned to realize that she was not good enough to go to Heaven. When Allyson explained to her what God did so that she would not have to spend Eternity in Hell, she gladly received the gift that Jesus died to give her.

Now, I don’t know how many angels can dance on the head of a pin or even if they would-but I do know they were very happy when we left that room.

Luke 15:10 Likewise I say to you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firefighter Refuses Rescue!

This morning I am thinking a lot about a man named John. When I met him he was stretched out on his bed, alone in his room at the facility. I couldn’t tell how old he was- maybe late 50’s? He was definitely underweight. The TV was blaring at full volume but John was staring blankly out his window. He turned and looked at me but said nothing. I asked if he would mind turning down his TV for a minute. He complied. I asked his name although I had seen it on the door. Introducing myself, I asked where he was from and he said, “Brooklyn”. I made small talk about his accent and the weather. John told me that he used to be a firefighter. We talked about that for a minute and then I asked where he was headed when he left. He shrugged his shoulders. I asked him if he considered himself to be good. He said, “Yes.” I began to ask him some questions and after the first two he put his hand up in the air and said, “Hold it right here. I know where you are going with this and I want to tell you that God and I aren’t speaking right now.”

I waited and he finally started to talk. He said, “I was a firefighter and I had a fire in my own house. My 14-year-old son was in the house so I went in and dragged him out…then for some reason he ran back into the fire! Why did God let that happen? Then last year I lost my only other son to cancer!!”

These types of questions are really difficult to hear. Last April my husband and I got the chance to attend the Way of the Master Ambassador’s Alliance Academy. While there I witnessed a man come to the microphone during an open air session with Ray Comfort. This man Larry asked Ray why God had allowed his two-year-old to die. Ray told the man he didn’t have an answer for him, but that it was not God’s plan for that to happen.

I took that to heart and told John that very thing. John went on to tell me that all of his friends kept asking him why he wouldn’t eat. John said he didn’t want to eat. He was a very bitter man and I felt that the Lord wanted me to share something that had happened in my own life with him.

First, I told John that there was no way I could understand how he felt in this situation. I then relayed that a long time ago I had a son. On the night before his third birthday, his father kidnapped him. It was very difficult. For years when I thought of my son the memories were wrapped in bitterness. I felt that if I let that go I might not remember what he even looked like! I had a hard time separating the bitter memories from the boy. I told John that he had a relationship with his son long before the bitterness came and he needed to let go of this unforgiveness and bitterness against God and himself. “Does that make sense to you?” I asked him. He said, “Yes, I know what you’re saying.” John and I continued our discussion and he promised to do some thinking. I tried to visit him again but he is gone, I don’t know where.

Just like his son, John didn’t want to be rescued. The reason doesn't really matter in the long run. God has done everything needed just to save him. Instead, he may turn and run into the fire.

Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Beach Day

Diana just wanted someone to go out evangelizing with!! She asked me and pretty soon…here came Dennis, Rose and Allyson! It was a beautiful day and we started dropping crumpled bill booklets right away. No sooner than the lure hit the water…..the fish grabbed the bait!

Since Allyson wasn’t into pizza we all decided that she and Rose should go over to Wendy’s, grab a burger and park themselves next to a group of people, if possible. While Allyson ate, Rose could talk to her (loudly) about God’s Law and what it meant to us today! As it turned out there was indeed a large group of girls in their early 20’s who provided a ready audience for the Law & Grace presentation!

Rose found a couple of young men who turned out to be Christians and they had a good discussion.

Allyson found a couple of surfers, one of whom wasn’t sure where he was headed.… She gave them the low down on what to expect by way of eternal destination. At the same time she was talking to them many others were listening.

Diana and I had a great conversation with Ashley and her friend. They thought they were fine until Diana presented the Good Person test. At one point Ashley wiped away a tear. We left reading material and bid them adieu.

We had some great conversations and a beautiful day. We also met several Spanish speaking groups. We handed them our Million Dollar Bills in the special 4th of July Edition along with a Spanish version of Are You a Good Person? They loved them and thanked us for stopping.

On the way across the boardwalk we met John, Frank and Alex. We had a great chat with them and when we left they were all thinking deeply with a promise to get things settled.

We met Dennis at the prescribed place and he had some ice-cold bottled water for us! It was great…and then we saw two men come up and sit down not far from us. Howie and Herbie were willing to talk-so we did! We had a nice conversation with a clear presentation of God’s viewpoint.

We ended our day at the beach with dropping more crumpled bill booklets on the way back to the truck. What a great day!!!

PIE July 1

Well, PIE Night looked like it was going to be a wet one so we took it downtown! Jeff didn’t stand still long! He saw a couple of guys walking and started trailing along; his topic was Eternity, of course.

After a bite to eat and some encouragement, Jeff and Dennis headed down the street, while Ann, Diana and I stopped three men who were headed into the restaurant. The one who wanted to talk was, of course the one who denied God. He refused to listen to the Law and we bid him farewell in short order.

As we made our way down the street we talked about how good God is and what He has done. We thanked Him for the opportunity to plant seeds! We left Million Dollar Bills in all of the doors and crumpled $20’s everywhere! His Word is alive and He is Faithful to honor it! A police officer drove up and asked if we had seen a man in a yellow poncho-we hadn’t.

We soon found Robert, a homeless man dressed in many layers of awful clothing. He had bracelets up and down both arms and a huge crucifix around his neck. His headphones were up so loud I couldn’t hear him talk. He insisted that “God is love!”. While we agreed with him we also pointed out the many other facets of God, which he refused to hear about. We left Robert in mid-sentence about one conspiracy or another…

Continuing down the other side of the street we thanked God for the time we got to spend on this night doing evangelism…and we noticed that the Police were setting up what appeared to be parameters around the area.

We came across a telemarketing company in full swing. Even though the doors were locked we were able to squeeze some “money” in between the doors. It was quickly picked up by the nearest employee.

Dennis and Jeff met up with a couple of men who were willing to talk. One had just been released from prison and he wanted to stay on the “right road”. He said that he had started reading the Bible in prison and it taught him a lot.

Meanwhile, as we walked we passed a fast moving man in a yellow poncho. A bell went off in our heads and we waved at the nearest Police car. They didn’t notice so we called 911. They went flying past us! An officer came around a few minutes later to tell us that they caught their suspect. Whew!

Hopefully more than one has been arrested by the Law on this night!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

JW at 40,000 Feet

The trip started out in it’s normal fashion. I was handing out million dollar bills (The special July 4th edition) and Jennifer was dropping the crumpled bill booklets. We were also placing them in phone kiosks, giving to the TSA folks and leaving them in menus in the restaurant. At one point we sat in Outback near a walkway and tossed crumpled $20’s onto the path.
While boarding the plane, a passenger nearby said to the flight attendant she wished she had won the lottery – well there was the opening so I handed out some Million Dollar Bills-telling them to read the back for something better than the lottery. We took off as usual or that translates to almost an hour late. It was a 5 hour flight so a lot of reading and waiting. I have to admit I was not going out of my way to witness to anyone. God changed that plan...
I went up front to use the bathroom but saw one of the 2 flight attendants, Linda, standing there so I gave her a MDB. Before I returned to my seat we had a lengthy conversation and found out that she is truly a sister in the Lord. She told me about her lengthy trials in trying to find a good church and now attends a great one in Woodland Hills, CA.
I had told her I was a Messianic Jew which seemed to spark an idea of some sort but I did not know why until a few minutes later. As I started to leave, the male FA passed me on his way to the front and I was called back by Linda, who then asked me to give him one of the MDB’s and tell him I am Jewish by birth. Then the conversations began. He said that a friend of his is Jewish, (I always find that funny- many people will tell me this after they know I am Jewish) and that his friend believes that he is one of ones chosen by God and will go to heaven by virtue of that fact. He asked me what I thought and I told him that I agree and disagree. I agree that as a Jew he (actually the Jewish people) are the chosen ones by God, however that will NOT get him to heaven. Only confession of his sins, repentance and accepting that Jesus Christ died for those sins will keep him from going to Hell. It is not just a matter of believing in Jesus but letting Jesus control your life and obeying Him. The FA said he agreed with me.

My point is that I jumped to the conclusion that this guy is a believer. Was I ever wrong!!

I then returned to my seat. He called me back up to talk to him. It was then I discovered that he was a Jehovah’s Witness and not a true follower of Jesus Christ. The battles started about the Trinity and I realized (having just completed a course on cults plus knowing that Law and Grace are what matter) I had to get him off that subject. When I used the Law on him, I was amazed that he admitted he was a sinner, confessed, repented and was baptized in the name of Jesus. I told him we believe in different Jesus. My Jesus is the one in the Bible and part of the Trinity. My Jesus is the Son of God and He is God, not a created being. The other FA listened in. Later I found out she had been trying to witness to him and did not know how.
He quoted scripture left, right and center. He knew the Christian speak. It was amazing and frightening at the same time. I then realized that if we are not well grounded in our belief of the One and only true God, the great I AM, it would be quite easy to become entangled and re-directed to a path leading to Hell.
The pilot wanted to come out of the flight deck so I had to sit down. I thought it was over.
After the pilot returned, the FA called me up to continue the discussion. Again I went straight the Law. And he would not listen and continued to interrupt quoting the usual scripture of the JW to refute Hell, the Trinity, Heaven and Death. He readily admitted that he was not one of the 144,000 going to heaven and his heaven was an earthly heaven as promised in scripture. Wow – I felt like I was taking a final exam on JW doctrine. I refuted his points with scripture and then the Holy Spirit said – “Law to the Proud, Grace to the humble” meaning – you are finished with this guy – wind it up and sit down.
I finally was able to interrupt again and say – Look – what if you are wrong and I am right – Please think about what I am telling you. Get a different translation of the Bible than your NWT (of course his reply that it was the only true translation) and think about this. I gave him a Good Person booklet and the Save Yourself Some Pain booklet. Told him the read these and that night before going to sleep, ask the One and only true God to open your eyes and heart to His Truth.
When departing the plane, he grabbed my hand and shook it hard. He said he enjoyed the conversation. Funny how I did not intend for him to enjoy the conversation but maybe his eyes will be opened.