Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

Checking into my hotel tonite, I was met by the Bellman, Bryan. He was a polite young man. As he removed my heavy suitcase from the car, I thanked him and told him I wanted to give him something. I handed him a nice tip along with a Million Dollar Bill. He took my suitcase and followed me to the front desk, where I checked in. As I checked in, he read the tract.

He pulled the suitcase into the elevator and as the doors shut, I asked him what he thought of the message.

"Well, I think about that all the time!" he exclaimed.

"Good, you should you know, because we're all going to die and we must be ready!" He looked a bit shocked at the reply.

We reached the room and he placed the bag onto the stand in the room.

"What's your background Bryan? Do you believe God exists?"

"I'm sort of in the middle. I was raised without ever going to church. So when someone talks to me about God I back away." He said, pushing his hands away from his chest.

"Well, that makes sense really because you have no point of reference for that conversation. But where do you stand...are you atheist then?"

"I'm not sure if God exists."

"So you are an agnostic then?" I could tell he didn't really know the term. "It really just means you're not sure if He exists."

I gave Bryan the example of a painting being proof that there was a painter. The hotel being proof of a builder.

At this he nodded his head and said, "Yes, He exists. You know, I never used to think about it, but lately I've been listening to what people are teaching about this Bible and that Bible."

(How exciting!) I knew my time with Bryan was limited. "Bryan, I want to give you something else to read." I pulled a copy of One Second After You Die from my backpack. "I want you to read this with an open mind and heart."

Bryan reached out his hand and shook mine. "Thank you for this. I will read it, I promise you that."

"Thank you, Bryan, I'm going to be praying for you!"

Someone has obviously been praying for him and although this isn't his real name-God knows his real name. Please, pray for him that God would water this seed and bring salvation to this young man.

Location:Dallas, Texas

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unexpected Event.

We are still unpacking boxes and trying to get organized from The Move.  It's getting there.  One of the things on the List was to get someone to come and hang Christmas lights on the house.  Makes me feel as though I'm helping the economy just a bit.

Garrett called to say he was on the way.  When he arrived I opened the door and saw that he was dragging his leg.  His arm was limp on the same side.

"Hi Garrett, nice to meet you!  Please come in."  I pulled out a chair and asked him if he would like to sit down.

"Yes, thank you.  I get tired." he said.  "I had a stroke a year-and-a half ago.  I don't let it get me down, though."  Well that is easily said, but you could see it had really taken a toll.  Especially for a man who works outside all year round.

"You are pretty young for a stroke.  What would have happened if you had died?" I asked.  "I mean, what happens to people who die?  Where do they go?"

"Well, I ....heaven."

"Everyone?  All of us?"

"Well...ok, what about Jerry Sandusky?"

"What do you think?"  I asked.

"The jury's still out..." he stated.

"What if Jerry Sandusky ends up in court and his dear uncle is the judge and lets him go? Would that be fair?"  I asked.  "Wouldn't we want to have a judge who would make sure justice was satisfied?"

"Yes."  Garrett was intent and listening.  I took him to the Good Person test and when he failed he got tears in his eyes.  "I keep asking God what He wants me to do.  I know I'm still here for a reason and I just want to make sure I get it."

"Well, I don't think this is a coincidence.  I mean I think God directly arranged this conversation, don't you?  Garrett, this is the thing that God wants you 'to get'.  You won't go any further until you do."  I gave him a copy of Mark Cahill's booklet The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told.   "I hope that you will give this some deep thought-it's the most important thing in your life!"

Please pray for him, his greatest decision lies ahead.

James 4:14  "You do not know what will happen tomorrow.  For what is your life?  It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away."

Mixed Messages

Burns looked a bit starry-eyed as I came into the room. I could also tell from our conversation that something was a bit off. Then he revealed to me that he was on a number of prescriptions from his doctor for anxiety.

"My wife killed herself. She just wouldn't eat any more. My son killed himself, too. You, know some churches think you go straight to Hell if you kill yourself."

"Well, there isn't any mention of that in scripture, Burns.". This answer seemed to cause him to think for a moment. I asked him where he thought he would end up.

"Well, there are degrees of punishment you know.". He drew out levels in the air with his hands.

We talked about lying and stealing and blasphemy and he admitted to being guilty of it all. But then he justified each instance.

"But I've never committed adultery", he announced self-righteously.

I explained that Jesus actually kicked it up a notch when He said, "...whoever
looks with lust has already committed adultery."

Burns took offense immediately and began to justify his lust by talking about the short-shorts and tight-fitting, low-cut tops women are wearing.

"They make it hard on men! What are we supposed to do, huh? They deserve to be raped!" He yelled.

"They will stand before God one day and give an account of their actions, just like you will, Burns."

Since I knew that I'd told him everything he needed to know, I wound things up and handed him a gospel tract.

"You know Burns, it sure would make me happy to think that you would read this."

He snidely replied, "I'll read it but I'm not planning on doing anything about it."

Yes, I am kicking the dust off of my feet with him but before I go...let me just say a little something about the way people in general are dressing now. What happened to dignity? Respect? Gals, do we really need to be reminded about modesty? How long has it been since we heard a good sermon on holiness? Would we even tolerate it, if we did???

The message we bring must be pure, not sullied by our politics, our attitude or our clothing. The glorious gospel that we are privileged to carry must not be mixed!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving on to Texas

We have made the move from Florida to Texas. We’ve had so much going on here – deliveries, etc. Everyone who came got a tip and a couple of booklets – One Second after You Die, God has a Wonderful Plan for your Life, tracts and more...

I went to the grocery store and the young man who greeted people (yeah they do that here at the grocery store) refused the trillion dollar bill I offered. Said no way - it could like a tip and he would lose his job. He then asked if that had a gospel message going around the outside on the back. I said these are the newest ones he really should take it – again he did not want to appear to take a tip. So then I said “what if I dropped it” could you pick it up? He smiled and said yes. I dropped it and went on and yes he picked it up and read it.

Then I was able to give out some more in the store – there are many workers there and could not do enough to help you. So they all get ‘tips’!! Now it was off to Home Depot.....

Pray that the people who received tracts and booklets read, repent and put their faith in the Jesus Christ, and Him alone.