Thursday, April 26, 2012

Door Hangers Will Travel

This just in from Carolyn and Luke, students from our most recent class in Richardson, TX:

I hope you're doing well and enjoying the time with your family. I wanted to let you know that all the door hangers that I was given have been hung on hotel doors on our floor! As I finished hanging the last few today, I told God that if even one soul came to know him, it was worth hanging them. I guess I'll find out in heaven!

This morning on our way out, I put a million dollar bill inside the free morning papers that were near the elevators. Why not give them something really good to read? I have also given out the bills to some of the hotel staff and a young man I met yesterday; hope to talk to him again tomorrow and see if he read the bill. He thought it was neat when I told him it was a gospel track. God can do anything with them!

Take care,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prague: A Jesus-Free Zone

I am in Prague, Czech Republic for some meetings. I had a free day so I went to spread the Gospel message.
Prague has many beautiful buildings, churches and is in preparation for Easter. There are bands, drinking, dancers, fun stuff and many things happening.
I noticed one big item not present in anything –
No one would take any of the tracks, either the English ones or Czech language ones.
Then I got an email from Steve saying he and Dayna would be, “...
praying God will grant you many opportunities to witness.”
Things changed.
There were a couple of people in front on the candy store they work out, handing out samples.
The guy said he spoke English when I gave him a trillion dollar bill to read the message and I said it has a great question on the back.
We spoke a few minutes and he quickly took the conversation away from God.
His associate, Sabrina wanted a bill as well.
She’s Muslim and thinks as long as you are good, ‘god’ will see that and you do not need to pray, go to a church but need to open your heart to ‘god’.
We never sorted out which ‘god’ she was speaking about.
I talked to her about Jesus and He is the Son of God.
She admitted He was a great prophet and one day will return to rule the earth – not Mohammed.
When I told her what John 14:6 says, she again said ‘god’ will know your heart and will decide if you go to heaven or not.
I saw she wanted to go back inside, since her boss came out so I quickly told her that Jesus is the Messiah, and yes He will come back and rule the earth, but before then, she would need to be sure she has repented and her faith and trust in Him.
She left and asked for a tract for her boss..Pray for all of them.

One of the vendors accepted a tract but did not have time to talk.

By then, I needed to return the hotel.

I am so glad Steve and Dayna prayed.

A quick observation:  I have been in Europe several times during the  Easter season, and it is so sad to see them celebrating this special time in different ways yet always excluding the Savior.

Luke 8:13, “...
 and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away.