Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doctor's Office Witnessing

I got this note from one of the guys in the current Way of the Master Intermediate Class...thought you might want to see it.


God's Word is awesome. After getting my blood pressure and pulse taken this morning in the doctor's office, I gave the nurse, Traci, a million dollar bill as she left. A few moments later, she came back in, part-way and asked me where I got the MDB. She was responsive to my questions about lying [just white lies], stealing [never], being angry at others [just her ex's] and said she was thinking about church. I told her where we all stood before God, what Jesus had done for her, and for me, and asked her to consider where she stood with God. All the while, this was in the midst of a busy doctor's office, and Traci just half-way in the examining room! I am just amazed at God's power to draw people to Him, in the most unexpected ways and places! I am praying for Traci to come to know the Saviour in a real and personal way and to give her life fully to Him. After the exam, as the doctor was concluding his medical advice to me, I gave the him a MDB, but our conversation was much shorter, and then to the woman scheduling my next appointment [she laughed and said she had just seen one]...all in God's timing...

God is good, amazing, awesome, all the time!

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