Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mission: Europe

I was blessed to be given the opportunity to teach a one day Evangelism class in the Netherlands at Cross Culture, Calvary Chapel. This class was based on a combination of the Basic Training and Crash Courses of Living Waters, Way of the Master.

The church has about 45 regular attenders and 15 people attended the class after the regular church service this past Sunday. They graciously put together a great lunch and then we jumped into the class around 12:30. The class lasted until after 6 PM. It was great!

The trip started with a flight from Melbourne to Atlanta, where I was able to witness to a man who spoke little English – I gave him a Good Person booklet and he reviewed it a couple of times on the short flight.

Then on to the Atlanta – Amsterdam leg. The man who sat next to me was an economist/professor on his way to Ghana. Each time he tried to get into a discussion about politics, I turned it back to him and the idea that politics don’t matter because God is in ultimate control. He wanted to talk about banking and stocks and socialism. I asked him what he thought about God. I really never got an answer that made sense. I then proceeded to tell him that money is worthless – I had put money ahead of everything and made it my god. I told him how it was there one day and gone another. God restored all.

I think he was now listening and I started to take him through the good person test. He listened but it did not break through his pride. I left him with a few things to read.

After the class in the Netherlands, I went onto Oslo for work. The man next to me (don’t you love how God sorts this out!) was a horse foot specialist. Yes I admit I had never heard of this before. He told me how complex the horse foot is, I agreed and asked him how he thought that complexity was created. He mentioned how he always has this conflict that he believes God could have created all but as a scientist, he has a hard time reconciling it.

Then he mentioned that there are records that show the horse used to have 4 toes, not one. I said, "...interesting but what happened to the “evolution” of this foot – did it go to 3 then 2 then 1 toe? If so, where is the transitional creature fossil?"
He was like a ping pong ball bouncing from creation to evolution. He told me that he had a Catholic upbringing and never read the Bible. I told him that God wrote the Bible for man to read for himself, not to have someone else read it to them.
We landed and I gave him a 'Why Christianity' book and he said he wanted to remain in contact if he had questions.

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