Friday, July 17, 2009

Webb the painter...

While out on Captiva Island, Webb the painter saw me walking around the grounds in a 'geek' trance trying to find that special WiFi spot with my laptop. That was really the ONLY downside of this place.

We got into a pleasant discussion - he paints the place here year round. Talked about some of the $6-$10 million homes around and I remarked, what happens when the owner dies - does he take it with him? That question got the conversation into the spiritual realm and we discussed man's depravity, how a little child does not have to be taught to lie or steal, etc. At no point in the conversation did he appear convicted.

Even though I saw nothing, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me on not to stop. I explained how none us can be good enough to go to heaven on our own, etc.... Finally I explained how through repentance and faith in Jesus what He did for us on the cross. I told Webb that he had to admit his sin, repent, put his faith and trust in Jesus - also how it was a legal transaction that God has allowed a way pay for something we cannot pay for.

Webb never blinked an eye at his sin, but I know I was obedient to the Lord. I pray that conviction will come-before it's too late.

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