Friday, November 27, 2009

Soul Food

Clementine waited on Tina and I at the local soul food kitchen near campus. The pulled pork sandwich looked so good! (OK, I am coming clean when I say I got the mac n' cheese to go with it!) I gave her an icebreaker and she smiled.

When I asked her what she thought would happen to us after we die, she told me that we will go to Heaven. After discussing the afterlife in a little more detail I gave her the GP Test. She failed, as we all do. She listened intently as we continued. After talking about Hell, Clementine understood the ramifications of her sin.

As she gave me my change we talked about God's extraordinary grace in allowing a way for us to go to Heaven. I asked her to think about what we discussed and walked over to our table. Tina and I prayed for her immediately.

The soul food was everything advertised and more. I hoped Clementine was chewing on her 'soul food'.

A couple of minutes later she called out, "Nice to meet you." as she went out the door to catch her ride.

Tina is going to drop in and visit our new friend, and probably have some more of that delicious pulled pork along with conversation.

Hoping to see you in Heaven, Clementine...

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