Monday, May 3, 2010


This is an incredible story of the hunger for Godly Evangelism Training in the World.

Just in from Dennis at Living Waters-Asia:

Yesterday (April 30, 2010) was a great day! Delegates coming from other churches (pastors and workers) totaled 118, plus people coming from the host church, our grand total was 143. The delegates came from different provinces which made the event extra successful as they will be the ones to bring the WOTM to their provinces. There were delegates that drove for 5 hours just to attend the training. After only the first session pastors were already asking me to also organize the same training at their province. You could hear the "AMENs" all over the hall as the truth about how evangelism should be done was explained. In attendance was a well regarded pastor (in his late 60s) from the Metro area of Manila. he has a big church. even him could not contain his appreciation that the principle was shared to them. There was one group who was even begging me to do a seminar in their area in the next two weeks.

Stay tuned for the next event this summer!

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