Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dayna's Day

Got this encouraging note from Dayna today...just had to share it.

After I left the church today, I wanted to run by Book-A-Million to find a book for Steve. I was closest to the one Merritt Island, so I went there, but they did not have it. Initially, I was a little irritated because I really did not want to make two stops, but that was when I believe the Holy Spirit told me I needed to go to the store in Viera. While in the Viera store, I heard three teenagers talking very loudly about death (and some other not real nice things), and I knew I needed to hand them a tract (the pit in my stomach is always my indicator). So, I prayed and handed them tracts. Just then, a woman walked up, so I handed her a tract too. Well, to make a long story short, they were Jewish, and they got very loud and very rude almost instantly. Within three to five minutes there were six Jewish boys, and one of the guys started using the Savior's name as a curse word, very loudly. But, glory to God for the Holy Spirit, He filled my heart with the love and the words for these lost souls. However, within another minute or two, one of the Jews got the store manager to come and ask me to leave the store. She was not very nice either, and she told me I was disrupting the whole store and bothering people. Anyway, the Holy Spirit led me in a conversation for a few more minutes with the only civil one of the six. I just knew I was there to speak to them even if it wasn't going good. We'll have to talk more about that encounter in person.

So, here comes the real blessing. I left there and headed home praying the entire way. When I got to the house, I went to the community mailbox to get our mail. As I am at the box, an SUV pulls up in front of the house where the box is and a teenage girl gets out of the front seat and goes in the house. The boy that was in the back seat gets in the front as I am passing by the car. I have no tracts on me because I left my purse in the car, and at that moment, the Holy Spirit reminds of the three tracts in my back pocket that the Jews handed back to me. So, I handed the teenage boys two tracts and immediately they were excited because they were the million dollar tracts. Then, I asked them the million dollar question, and they both said "yes, they were going to heaven because they were good people." I asked them if I could test that, and they said "yes." We went through the law and they admitted to everything, not one bit of justifying. They both said they would be guilty of breaking God's law, and at that moment, Joe hung his head and looked at me with fear in his eyes and said "UT OH." He knew he was going to hell because he wasn't really a good person. Joe had never heard the Gospel, he did not know what it took to get to heaven. So, by the grace of God, I was able to share the best information he had ever received with him. His heart was so open! Hallelujah, praise God! See, if my steps had been any different today, I would have never met up with Joe. My armor got a little dinged at Books-A-Million, but Joe was worth every bit of it.

I thank you both for your faithfulness in bring WOTM the Calvary and continuing on with FFM because we are here for His honor and His glory! I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and I want to share Him with everyone even if they don't want to hear it.

I pray this blesses you! God bless you both!

It absolutely blesses us, Dayna and now many more people! Thank you...

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