Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stuart hears the Truth

This month at the Friday @ Fifth event we were able to witness, hand out some tracts and books - but within the first hour, we were rained out. That first hour was great!

I spoke to Stuart who said he was a professing Christian and we spoke a bit. I asked him if he was able to share the Gospel in his daily walk, and I got the usual, "Well....." He was not sure what to say to people and then was not sure about his own walk. The weather as changing for the worse and he was a bit worried for his wife and daughters. Dayna was talking to his daughters, looked up and asked if they needed to go. Once Stuart heard Dayna sharing the Gospel with his daughters, he said they needed to stay and listen.

I then talked to Stuart some more, gave him a Wonderful Plan for your Life Book as well a One Thing You cannot do in Heaven book. He was pleased and said he would think about our talk, and his walk with the Lord and would read the books.

His wife was standing next to him but Stuart then walked over to listen to Dayna. Stuart's wife was quiet, and I asked if they were on holiday here. She said he was in the military and would be going to England in a week and the family would follow a month later. I gave her some UK Million Pound notes with the Gospel and asked her to share them with the Brits she ran into. I also asked her to read the books and she said yes and was now smiling.

All in all a great evening.

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