Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ice Man Cometh

Yesterday I had to stop and get some gas. I noticed a large truck parked in the lot with the name of an ice company on the side.

Hmmm.......I wondered where the driver was? The ice truck was running but he wasn't around. This meant to me that he would be right back! I left the nozzle in (not on autofill) and grabbed some tracts. When I saw him jump up into his truck I ducked under the gas hose and ran for the truck. I could hear that he was putting it into gear so I slapped the door. It scared him (works for me).

He opened the door cautiously and I said, "Hi", with a big smile. He smiled and told me his name was Javier. I gave him a Million Dollar Bill and told him that I just had one question for him. He said, "Sure."

"Will you go to Heaven when you die, Javier?"

He let out a long breath and turned toward the open door. "Well....I hope so." His openness encouraged me. I asked him if he ever thought about it and he said, "Yes..all the time!"

I took him through some of the Commandments and each time he answered that he was guilty of breaking it. As I took him to the courtroom and asked what God would think, he began to justify himself. We went back to the Law and he again admitted his guilt. When he found out that God would send him to Hell he told me that he didn't want to go there.

I told him that God didn't want him to go there either, that He was "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentence." We talked about repentence.

"Javier do you know what repentence is?" I said.

"Mmm..no, not really."

"It means you have to turn your back on sin. Are you married?"

"Yes, I am." he told me.

"Well, it means that you don't come to your wife with your arm around your girlfriend! You have to leave all that behind!" (Thanks Neil!)

Javier shook his head, "Yeah, yeah..."

"What stops you from taking care of this Javier?"

"I am so busy, so many things to do."

"Well, Javier you have a lot to think about, and since we aren't promised our next breath you should take care of this pretty quick. You could go down the road today and get in an accident. Then it would be too late!"

I waved goodbye and prayed that God would continue to speak to him.

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