Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note to self.

My friend, you left Him a long time ago.
You picked up your scorecard,
you carry your woe.

To others you seem so strong and intact,
but sarcasm reigns.
You’re bitter. That’s fact.

We bleed when we’re cut: What’s inside comes out.
I see you drip loudly, as if it’s a shout.

“I’m bitter and hateful and vengeful-so what?”
There’s a smile on your face, your ears tightly shut.

Unbelief is a sin that leads down to Death
which many regret with one long, final breath.

Think further of this and examine yourself,
it can’t be done for you by power or wealth.

Get onto the narrow path that leads you to Him,
and follow that clear light, now growing so dim.

Don’t sit with the scoffer or spend any time,
Playing ‘what if’ games, so deep in your mind.

Satan cares not what got you; hate, fear or dread,
He’s a liar and murderer, and he wants you dead.

If he can’t kill you, he’ll take your joy.
His purpose is now: steal, kill and destroy!

Don’t let this murderer reign in your head,
Fill it with scripture and stand firm, instead.

The Adversary will use whatever he can
To hurt you and wound you, even a man.

People with skin on are just tools to him,
He likes to use them-but he can’t win!

Whatever he’s driving, however she’s dressed
Just know that our battle is not with the flesh.

Please be aware as he watches you fall,
He hopes you’ll stay down-not answer God’s call.

Although those around you may give you good grounds,
Don’t take the bait, it only leads down.

Let Him Who is Faithful, Righteous and True
Be the One Who Judges, instead of you.

If you should think it revenge that you need,
Bless your enemies instead, in thought word and deed.

Let God alone Judge, He is Faithful and True
And He never forgets, what has happened to you.

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