Saturday, September 18, 2010

The False Gospel needs to be Stopped

I met Sara and her husband today while handing out tracts at the beach. Both were in Narcotics Anonymous and Sara has a “Christian Counselor” who was a Christian all her life. More comments about what Sara said about this person follows. Now you know why it’s in quote marks…..

We talked about the law and if she ever really repented and understood what Jesus’ Death Burial and Resurrection really meant. She was not too sure but knew when she read the Bible God spoke to her. That’s between her and God and I did not get into that discussion. She told me that her one real question is about the people who never hear about Jesus and why they would not go to Heaven. Sara would not use the word Hell. She wanted my opinion on that question but then went on to say, her counselor talks about that all of us our Children of God and one day we will all bow before Jesus.

I explained we are all creations of God but only Believers are Children of God. This is explained throughout the Bible. As far as everyone bending their knees before Jesus I said that everyone will not go to heaven and Jesus made it clear that many will say Lord, Lord and He will say go away I never knew you, you worker of lawlessness. Sara was very surprised. Seems like her counselor friend only gave part of the truth.

We got back to the question about not everyone hearing about the name of Jesus and whether that person would go to Hell because of this. My opinion of this, as I explained to her is God has put the Law on everyone’s hearts and there has never been any group ‘discovered’ that did not have some basic moral principles of lying, stealing, adultery, etc. God knows what is on the person’s heart and He will reveal truth to them. Exactly what and how that happens is up to God.

I took Sara through the Law and the payment Jesus made on the Cross. But it’s up to the repentant person to also to want this payment Jesus made for us. Sara mentioned accepting Jesus into your heart. I suggested to her - Don’t confuse the modern Gospel fluff about acceptance of Jesus it is nowhere in Scripture. Jesus does not need our acceptance but our surrender.

Sara and her husband walked away in a good mood and pleased they heard the truth.

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