Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Language Barriers for the Gospel!

Carrying tracts in multiple languages can really open doors! I have a small plastic bag with tracts in different languages such as German, French, Arabic, etc. I only keep about 10 or so of each, except if I am traveling to a place where a specific language is spoken, then I take a few hundred.

While waiting ( a common occurrence in my work) for my flight to leave, I went to get a coffee. I heard the couple in front of me speaking German. They left and I got my coffee, set my bag down to fish out the pack of German tracts, a little disappointed I was not fast enough - always be prepared! Then I heard someone behind me say “Are these seats taken?” I turned and there was the German couple, who I invited not only to sit down but I’ll give them each a million Euros to do so. They thanked me for the tracts but were focused on something else, so I left them to read the tract.

On the way to my gate, I walked by a flight boarding to Vienna. The Holy Spirit got my attention and reminded me that I have these tracts and they don’t do any good for me to carry around. I got out the German tracts I had just put away and started to give them out. This fellow was interested and then his wife returned and scoffed when she read it. I went back to talk to him but the flight was boarding and he had to leave. Well – they had a 9 hour flight to read the Gospel message.

So now I see a new fishing ground – the gates for departing flights where I can give out tracts in whatever language they are speaking. There is always the English version but when a person receives a tract in their native tongue, they are much more likely to read it. has links for tracts you can download for free.

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