Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New World Order and Chemtrails....

This Friday was the Friday at Fifth Fall event in Indialantic, FL. It’s a great event for FFM and we have our Good Person tent setup. We started using the Einstein poster which is a great attraction. You ask some questions to show their heart and brain is not always right and they can be deceived. Then you go on the Good Person test using the Law and of course, they fail as “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” Rom 3:23.

Many people took the tests and we (Dayna, Diana, Steve and myself) were able to ask the ultimate question – will you go to heaven when you die? Of course you get all kinds of responses but our mission is to preach the Gospel.

Steve was talking to a woman with a 10 year old son and I over-heard parts of the conversation involving New World Order, little gods and more. Her son walked over the table. I asked if he believed in God and I entered into one of the most bizarre and discouraging conversations in a long time.
Boy: there is no such thing as God, we are here as little gods to be controlled by the New World Order

“Where did you get this information?”

The Internet

“What makes the internet right?”

Because it is and don’t you know we came here as aliens and as little gods to me under the control of the New World Order?

Again he said he gets this off the internet and from his mother. I did not want to say anything about his mother but I was not going to let this go by without explaining this entire universe was created by a Creator God as was mankind. We are not little gods.

He said that we were all affected by chem-trails and everything we eat is poisoned with particles to keep us under control by the new world order.
It was frightening listening to this 10 year old and how his mother and others have corrupted his mind with this garbage. I gave him a Why Christianity booklet and he declined saying that we are ultimately under the man’s control and there is no God.

Pray for him (he would not give his name).

After this, came Richard. A 30 something guy searching for the Truth. He was very interested in learning of Christianity. We went through the Good Person test and he acknowledged he was a sinner. I told him what he need to do to assure eternity in Heaven with the Lord. He asked some more questions. I asked if he ever read the Bible and he said he did not have one. He has many books but doesn’t think he has one. I offered him one and he said he would stop back on his way out. We packed up at 9P and I had the Bible and another book held out. No Richard – so we finished packing the car and then I looked up and there was Richard – he asked if he could still have the Bible. I was so pleased for him and he also got One Heartbeat Away. Pray for Richard.

We were very blessed and will be praying for all who heard the Word.

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