Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kilroy was here....

This weekend at the beach offered several opportunities to preach the Gospel. I spoke to a 15 year old – said his name was Kilroy.

I heard all the new age stuff. There are many religions, including the worship of the Egyptian sun god who have 12 disciples and a leader who died, was buried and raised after 3 days. I asked who besides this Egyptian sun god and Christianity offers this? He said he did not know off hand.

We discussed many things and I took him to the Law. He admitted he was guilty but would not go to Hell because he does not believe in Hell. I advised him that it does not matter what he believes but what is true – that matters.

After 20 minutes of going back and forth and answering all the usual points like man wrote the Bible, the Bible was re-written by the Nicene council (amazing – when I was 15 I never heard of the Nicene council), God cannot be at all places as all time, world created by Big Bang, etc. etc.

Anyway, by the end of our talk, Kilroy received the Truth and a clear and concise presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I left him with “Why Christianity”.
I will be praying for him.

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