Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take every Opportunity

I was getting some lumber at Home Depot and needed some of it cut smaller. Besides the convenience of them cutting the lumber, it gives a great opportunity to witness to someone who cannot leave you for a few minutes. Al came to assist me. His accent said “Islands” so I asked Al which island he was from and he said Cape Verde. I said I had stopped there once but never got to see much. Thinking that was enough to start the conversation, I asked – “If you were to die today would you go to heaven or hell?

Al - "I’d go to heaven because I know Gods Word.

“That's good but if you were asked at the gates of heaven. Why should God let you in what would you say?

Al – “I’ve kept the Ten Commandments

“How many lies have you told?

Al - Only white lies

“God sees all lies as lies and its sin

Then I gave him the courtroom example and of course right then, he got a page to go help someone else. Al told them he was busy with a customer and he'd be there soon- he wanted to hear more. He understood the example of the courtroom and Jesus and how not only did Jesus pay the price that he could not pay, but that Al must accept the payment that was made for him. If he did then the judge could legally let him go free because his fine was paid. But it required Al to accept that gift, not just to know about it.

Al said it makes sense. I told him he needs to repent and put his faith in what Jesus did on the cross. He promised to read the good person tract and really think about it.

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