Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Murphy's Law

I got tickets not long ago to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  I was unfamiliar with the group but since they were free, I hooked my sister into going with me.

We wanted to go all out this night and just relax.  We planned to hire Murphy, a driver with a car company and even go out to the Capital Grille downtown.

Murphy was right on time when he picked me up.  I knew that Dennis had used Murphy previously on a trip to the airport.  Dennis had talked to him a bit and found out that he was Sikh and was from India.  Although he told Dennis that he didn't practice his religion anymore.

We talked about his kids and family.  He then told me that his wife was not very happy anymore.  It seems they might even get a divorce!  Murphy was very concerned about his children.  He told me this just as we arrived to pick up Jody.  Naturally the conversation ended.

All through the show the only thing I could think of was Murphy and talking to him again.  At the end of the show Murphy was there waiting outside.  We dropped Jody off and said goodnight.

I saw a small figurine on the dashboard of the car. It was the elephant idol that hindu's worship.  I asked him about it and he told me the story.  After he was finished I asked what he thought of Jesus Christ.  He told me he thought there was something divine there.

"Murphy, Jesus said He was God!  He said He was the only way to Heaven.  Have you read the Bible?"

"No, I never have.  But every morning I take a few minutes of quiet time and pray to many gods."

I took Murphy through the Law of Moses and he was very honest.  He became convicted right away.

"You see Murphy, you are in big trouble on Judgement Day aren't you?"

"Yes, I am.  I have hated and I have lusted after women.  It is true."

"Murphy, you are at a place in your life when you need to worship the One True God.  He said if you search for Me with your whole heart you will find Me.  Do you have a Bible?"

"No, I don't."  By this time we were in the driveway, so I quickly texted Dennis to bring out a Bible.

"Murphy, I think Dennis gave you a copy of this book (Cahill's 2nd Greatest Lie) did you ever read it?"

Embarrassed, he said no.

"Murphy, it is very important that you think about what we have talked about and get this straight.  You remember I told you two things...you must repent and you must follow Jesus-right?"  Just then Dennis walked out with the Bible.  I handed the books to Murphy and told him again to read them.

"Oh, I will read them because if I am going to follow Jesus I will do it with my whole heart!!" he said with a big smile.

Murphy told me that part of his family had turned to Christianity about 40 years ago.  He even has 2 cousins in California who are 'christian ministers'.  I know that if they are Christians they have been praying for Murphy for a long time.  I'm going to join them-will you?

Revelation 7:9
 After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands

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