Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dayna goes out as a full time evangelist - on the road with Diana

Tuesday was the first official day that Diana and Dayna went fishing together...what an experience!

The Lord truly ordered our steps all day. The first fishing hole was the bus stop at Varr. There, the Lord led us to speak to three young girls who just knew they were going to Heaven because they were good people. After going through the law, all fun and games stopped because the law had penetrated their hearts. Two of the three girls said they were going to repent that day.

The second fishing hole was the bus stop on 520 and A1A. There the Lord provided two prepared hearts, one was a young man name Cameron who just lost his two year old daughter, and the other was a young man named Matthew. Both, had never heard the gospel in such a way. Neither one had ever truly heard why Jesus Christ died on the cross. They both got on their buses in serious thought!

The third fishing hole was the beach. Dayna and Diana both did a lot of shaking the dust off their feet, but a lot of tracks were handed out, and we had an opportunity to encourage another Christian.

The four fishing hole was the parking lot by Ron Jons. There we tracted cars and were given the opportunity to speak to twosouls. As we were tracting the cars, one man was sitting in his vehicle eating lunch. When he was given the tract, he said "I was just sitting here reading my devotional and realized I have been a hypocrite." He had not repented and was just going through the motions... The second soul was a Middle Eastern young man name Jay. This young man came under such conviction. His eyes bored through us, and when we spoke of the cross and Christ's substitution he was so very moved. As we asked him if he knew when he would die, he was panicked. At that point the person who was in the car became very angry with Jay because he was talking to us. Jay turned to us with absolute despair in his eyes and said he needed to go...please pray for Jay!

The fifth and final spot was the mall. We were actually headed back to Varr, but on the way there, Diana said she felt like we needed to stop at the mall. That is where our 96 year old fish named Sammy was. The Lord led us in a 45 minute conversation with Sammy who was raised Catholic. When we gave the survey to Sammy he said that he didn't think God would punish sin or that there was a Hell. By the time the conversation was over, he knew without a doubt there was a Hell and that God would punish sin. He wanted to give his whole heart to God and he wanted the New Birth. This was the most amazing conversation! We took him through Scripture and had him read it for himself. He was so blown away by what he read. He told us that he had gone to Christmas Eve mass and partook of Communion, and after that was done, the Priest told everyone they were good for a year... God truly guided us to Sammy! Please pray for him.

Wednesday started out in the nursing home. Diana has been going there once a week for a while now, and this day, she brought Dayna there for such a rich blessing! Every morning the nursing home has a coffee social. The volunteer will service those who come coffee and donuts and then read the paper. Diana knowing there is nothing good in the news paper, reads one article and then switches to the spiritual. This day, Diana after reading Psalm 23 and asking some Bible trivia, gave the whole group the good person test and then gave them the grace of God. The school teacher in Diana is still alive and well, and Dayna just marveled at how Diana brought the entire group in to participate. All said they so enjoyed the time, and we left off singing Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace, and In the Garden. What a true blessing!

After leaving the nursing home, we took a women who was in a rehab facility to a prospective place to live. A friend of Diana's asked if Diana would do it, and while we were taking her there, Diana's friend wanted us to share the gospel with the women. The women said she was a Christian, but she did not want to talk about God at all. Diana continued to ask her questions about God, but the women was hostile! Meanwhile, Dayna is in the backseat praying that God would give Diana the words to say, and just then, Diana asks Dayna "If you died today, where will you spend eternity?" The women heard the entire law and gospel because of course Dayna said she was going to Heaven because she was a good person... Please pray for this women as she is so hard hearted! Her name is Diana also.

When we arrived at our destination, the women wanted to smoke a cigarette, so while she was smoking, Diana and Dayna went fishing... Dayna had a good conversation with a young man named Randy, and Diana spoke with two elderly people. When Dayna was done talking to Randy, she took the women inside the lobby for her appointment, and while in there, one of the people that Diana was talking to came inside to complain about this "strange women" outside pushing her religion on people. Dayna said to the person, "her name is Diana, and she is sharing the gospel and not pushing religion. She is with us and we have business here." The person was speechless and walked away...

Their final destination for the day was Varr street where we had many good conversations. Diana was able to speak to someone who she had been trying to speak to since she started going to the Varr street bus stop, and this day, God allowed her to go through the entire law and gospel...God is so good!

Stay tuned for more Fishing News...

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