Wednesday, June 11, 2008

P.I.E. Night-June 10th

Slightly overcast, it was very pleasant as we gathered for our weekly P.I.E Night. After grabbing a slice of pizza we met to pray. We split up into small groups and hit the beach.

Even before the others had finished their pizza Jeff decided to do some one-on-one with a man standing nearby.

After praying Trish, Diana and Sandy headed straight for a young person on the bench. This turned out to be a 15-year-old young man in need of a Savior-and these ladies led Mike straight to Him!!

I met a young man named Jason, while he was dog-sitting Lilly and Versace. He is in a transitional phase in his life. After going thru the Law Jason admitted that he needs to talk to God about his future.

Val brought her friend Jenny, and Jenny’s two sons Nathan and Dane! We may just have 2 great evangelists here because they were intent on looking for fish!!

Turning around I saw Tim and Warren happily engaged in a great conversation with two ladies, who were enjoying a relaxing evening at the beach.

Dennis and Jerry were deep in dialogue with James, who turned out to be a Catholic attorney. (Good thing Dennis watches Law & Order!)When going through the Law, he began to see how he was a sinner and had not repented. He was convinced that he needed to do some soul-searching!

I met two young Muslim men, Ferris and Ali and we had a nice exchange which left them some thinking to do. Ali was surprised to hear that “Prophet Abraham” had lied in his lifetime…

Val boldly walked up to another couple of Muslim men who were eating some ice cream and said, “Did you get one of these?” They smiled and took the Million Dollar Bills, and then she introduced me as her friend. We had a nice chat about all things “Prophet”. They had many questions about Jesus Christ. We talked for about 15 minutes but were interrupted by a call to prayer. I told them that we are here each Tuesday and I hope to see them again. I respect their wishes not to have their pictures taken.

While I didn’t get any pictures of Ken, John, or Dan, I am confident that each one was busy because there were enough fish to go around! I can’t wait to hear about how their night went!!

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