Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sometimes We Reap

As a laborer in the fields, I know that while we are planting the seeds we look forward to reaping…

I met Lorene after I looked into her room and saw her sitting alone. We talked about Ohio, where she was born, and years gone by. We talked about the Lutheran church that she attended and then conversation turned to her destination after this life. She was hoping that she would go to Heaven. Lorene became very concerned when she discovered that she was bound for Hell. She discovered that the reason Christ came to this Earth was to defeat Death and Hell-for her. Bowing her head, she prayed and asked God to forgive her and then she thanked Him. Lorene told me that she needed to speak to her son about all of this, so I gave her some GP booklets! She gave me a hug before I left and thanked me for coming to tell her about Jesus. Even in her 90’s it wasn’t too late for her!!

Just one room down the hall I met Don, a retired member of the U.S Army. He has recently fallen down, breaking his hip, some ribs and an arm. He was in a lot of pain and had two black eyes but wanted to talk to someone. He is a Catholic man and told me that he felt he was a good man. Our conversation revealed Don’s destination was quite a bit different than he was planning. He digressed a bit, but then came around when reminded of God’s Law-it completely stopped his mouth. I thanked him for fighting in a war so that I could be free. I reminded him that although he didn’t even know me, he sacrificed all he had for that purpose. He was very attentive as I told him about a Savior who came for him. He then told me that he would like to pray so we did. I told Don that even though he might go home before I see him again, I do look forward to seeing him in Heaven and he smiled.

Charlotte was waiting for her lunch when I noticed her. She is very friendly and told me that she was from Pennsylvania. We talked about her family and then she told me that she used to attend a “Christian church”. I asked her where she thought she would spend eternity. She said she would probably go to Heaven. I asked her if I could ask her some questions and she was very hesitant but honest. She became troubled when she realized Hell was her future home. As I told her about Jesus she hung her head. When I finished talking with her I asked what she was going to do. She replied, “I would like to accept Jesus Christ!” She prayed, asking God’s forgiveness and she thanked Him for Jesus. I asked Charlotte if she had ever heard this message before. She replied, “I heard this once when I was about 15 years old.” I asked her if it made sense then. She told me that “it did make some sense but I just didn’t get it”. Charlotte also told me that long ago, her parents would get the children dressed every Sunday, and they would all walk to church together. Her grandparents met them there.

One thing I am reminded of often is that when we pray, God hears our prayers and remembers them. Sometimes they are answered long after we are gone from here.
Psalm 22:31 They shall come, and shall declare His righteousness to a people that shall yet be born, that He has done this.

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