Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As we stepped onto the boardwalk, Diana stopped to talk with a young man standing alone.
Spying two Muslim men, I handed each of them a 1M dollar bill. Upon asking their names I got-Abdul and Abdul. I said, “Come on…you’re kidding me right? Are you telling me the truth?” They smiled and I asked where they were from. Both of them were from Saudi Arabia. I told them I had a million dollar question for them and asked if they were going to Heaven when they died. They both hesitated and smiled and then said something like, “I hope so.”
I asked if they were good men. They answered affirmatively. Abdul 1 told me that he prayed 5 times a day among other good things. I asked if they were familiar with the Law of Moshe. They looked at each other and said, “Yes.” We went through a few of those laws and they admitted to lying, stealing and lusting. Both men now seemed a little disturbed. I asked them how they thought God would find them if He judged them tonite. They hesitated but both said guilty. I told them that Prophet Esa (Jesus) came to pay for their sins. He came to give himself so that they could go to Heaven when they died.
Abdul 1 sat up straight and said, “Prophet Esa was not God!” I asked them, “Can a man take the form of God?” “No!” they both answered together. I agreed, “No, he cannot!! But can Almighty God, Lord of the Universe, Maker of Heaven and Earth and all in it-can He take the form of a man?”

They both looked stunned for a moment and then Abdul 1 said, “God can do anything!” Abdul 2 nodded in agreement. I said, “Yes, we cannot limit Him with our minds-He is far above us!... was Muhammad a good prophet?”
Both said, “Yes.”
“Can a prophet lie?”
What did Prophet Muhammad say about Prophet Esa?”
“He was a good prophet.”
“Can a prophet lie?”
“Listen to what Prophet Esa said about Himself…”I am the Way, the Truth and the Life-no man comes to the Father but through Me.””
Abdul 2 said quickly, “Can you cite this? What is your source?”
My mind went completely blank and I could not remember this often used reference!! Diana was now standing about 4 feet away and said, “John 14:6.” I pulled out copies of the Gospel of John which I get free and keep on hand for just such occasions. ( Opening these to the verse I handed them both copies to keep. They both took them. It is a custom in the Middle East that if you give someone a gift they are obliged to use it.
I told them that Prophet Esa came and laid His life down to pay for our sins. Abdul asked me if He forgave all my sin. I answered yes. He seemed to think he had me here as he said, “’So! you can just sin and it is alright?” “No, it is not alright. I must follow Him.” “What keeps you from sin?” I gave them both a courtroom scene where they were both guilty and someone walked in and paid their fine for them so that they could be set free…”How would you feel toward that man who paid your fine?” Abdul 1 said, “Very grateful.” I asked, “Would you want to hurt him?”
“Would you want to please him?”
“That is what Prophet Esa did for you. That’s why I don’t want to sin! ”
Abdul 2 was getting more and more quiet. Abdul 1 asked if he could have my email address. I told him that it was on the Million Dollar Bill. He stated that he would like to email me with questions, if that was OK. I thanked them for talking to us.
As Diana and I walked away we prayed for these two Arab men. When we were far enough away we rejoiced for the conversation! These two were so open and they even took the Gospels!! May God protect the seeds that were planted.

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