Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They Came Two by Two

Last night was wonderful! Mary, Gail, Jeri and Tracy were all ready to go, Jeff was pumped and Diana was ‘blessed’ as usual. Ron and Tammy called to say they were on the way and after pizza and prayer we hit the ground running!
Gail, a first-timer, went with me. We met a man named Paul. He refused to take anything from us and told us he already had many tracts. Gail tried later to see if he would take a Good Person booklet from her but again, her refused. We will be praying for Paul.

At first, the fish were few and far between. I kept thinking, “Man, this is her first time out and we don’t have any fish!!” .
We walked the length of the parking lot and distributed the crumpled bill booklets at the driver’s door of each car. Gail remarked that this was an easy way to hand out tracts. If someone is new this is a great way to help them to get rid of the jitters
On the way back we saw a young couple leaving the beach. They veered out of our way but they didn’t realize we wanted to run into them! We changed course and met them face-to-face. They smiled as we gave them Million Dollar Bills When asked what they thought happens to us when we die, Sunita replied, “We go to Heaven?” At this point we noticed that 3 members of our group were not far away and it was clear that they were praying for us. I am so thankful that our team recognizes the importance of prayer! We can do nothing apart from God. (John 15:5) .

As we talked about the Law of God, they both became introspective. When they learned about what Jesus did so that they would not have to spend eternity in Hell, Worley smiled. Sunita remained serious. I asked them what stopped them from receiving this great payment. Worley said, “Nothing.” Sunita agreed with him. They both decided to settle their accounts with God right in the parking lot! When Worley prayed he thanked God for sending us to tell them the Good News. He also asked God to bless us. Little did he realize that God had already blessed us!! As we walked away, I prayed that God would guard their hearts! Gail was all smiles and remarked that they were very open. We always pray before we go that God will send His Holy Spirit to open their hearts and He certainly does. Thank you God!

As we walked back up the parking lot we saw another young couple walking to the boardwalk. We handed them the MDB’s and they smiled. We asked them the million dollar question and it took them both a second to reply. Victoria said, “Heaven” was her destination. T.J. wasn’t sure if he knew what the 10 Commandments were but after hearing them-he remembered. They answered each question honestly and quickly came to realize that they were on the wrong side of the proverbial fence. Victoria was carefully weighing each statement, while T.J. was still cracking jokes with each answer. When they realized what the purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice was they both became solemn. As I explained to them how they both could avoid Hell, they listened intently. When asked if they would prefer to pay with their own souls they said they would not. Both Victoria and T.J. opted to pray with us right where we stood!

Rom 3:19-20 But we know that whatever things the Law says, it says to those who are under the Law; so that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may be under judgment before God,
because by the works of the Law none of all flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law is the knowledge of sin.

Not everyone heeds the warning of the rip currents but we would be remiss if we didn't post the signs.

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