Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Hindu Friend

God is amazing.

He opened a door for a friend and me to talk with one of our co-workers, who is Hindu. At first she felt condemned and defensive and quoted some verses from the Bible about Jesus.

We continued to talk and I asked how she did at keeping the 10 Commandments. She became scared and concerned and said that she never realized she was heading to Hell. This lady turned pale. Her eyes got teary and red. We explained to her the reason why Jesus came, and what He actually did for her.

It was an awesome night that Sunday night when we were talking to her. She was convicted and said she would think about it. We asked if she knew when she would die. She got even more concerned and she said she would not be able to sleep that night because she was really bugged.

She said she always thought she would reincarnate to someone else or something else. We explained to her that when her body dies her soul will be judge by God. The Resurrection of Jesus is more powerful than what she believes.

Nothing is impossible with God. I give all the glory to Him.

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