Monday, January 19, 2009

No Language Barrier

I saw a couple and their son (about 8) and daughter (about 12) enjoying the ocean view. I gave them each a MDB and asked them if they would read the questions on the back. When I realized the parents were struggling I asked if they spoke Spanish, they did and I gave them the Spanish version, the kids spoke English. I asked if they believed in God and they did, but the father asked the daughter something and she replied they were Catholic.

I asked the daughter if she spoke English well enough to answer some questions and she did. I asked if she knew the Ten Commandments and she knew some of them. I asked if she ever broke them, she said no. I asked if she always obeyed her parents and did everything she was supposed to do. Then her dad said “listen to the man, please”. She said no and also admitted she was a liar and a thief. I told her that according to what she just said, she is guilty of breaking God’s Laws.

Since I was concerned about the language misunderstanding possibilities, I quickly went to the “Good News” I told her that Jesus is God and came to earth as a man so he could take the punishment that she was supposed to pay for her sins. All of them were now paying attention, and again I told them all that they were guilty, as we all are, for breaking God’s laws and the payment is death and eternal punishment from God in Hell. However, if they would admit to God that they were sinners and want to turn away from these sins, and put their faith and trust in His Son, Jesus that they would have eternal life. But they had to admit their sin, repent (turn away from) and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not a man or a church. They all understood this and said they had a Bible and would read it. The kids at first were a bit frightened but when they heard the “Good News” they smiled and said they would really think about it and read the MDB and RUaGP Booklet.

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