Friday, October 16, 2009

Dogs: Good segue.

John was sitting on a bench with his dog. I gave him a MDB, told him it had an important message on it. He kind of looked at and put it in his pocket. I asked about his dog, a yellow lab, talked about my dog and the other dogs we had. That they died and I wonder what happens to them? He said "interesting thought" to which I replied – "what will happen to you when you die?"

He told me about growing up as a Catholic, etc. I then went right to the Law, Repentance and Faith. I told him that God wants the relationship, not a religion. He got a “Why Christianity” booklet to read. He thanked me for talking to him and not shoving religion down his throat and now he has something to think about.

While I was walking away he stopped me and asked if we were born sinners. I reminded him of Adam and Eve and how they were born sinless but then fell into sin, blamed everyone else, including God for what they did and now we inherited this sin nature. He was not quite sure so I asked John if he had kids and he said 4 of them. I asked if he sat down with them to teach them how to lie or non respect him and his wife 100% of the time. He said “I get it now”.

Another Saturday at the beach…

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