Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday night evangelism and a dead body.

Friday Fest brought out its usual lost people. There were many opportunities for us to witness and preach the Gospel. We had our “Are You a Good Person?” booth setup to invite the question to be asked and for people to strut up and say that they are a good person.

I spoke with a guy (Derrick) about 14 who wanted to know what the booth was about. He also wanted to let me know that he was a good person. He said he understood what Jesus did for him on the cross and he had admitted at church he was a sinner. After more discussion, he realized he did not really know why he was sinner, until we went through the Law. Galatians 3:24…..

I took him through the courtroom scenario in which he was guilty of a crime, sentenced with a $10 million fine or life imprisonment. The question was: Would he be able to pay the fine? Now, if someone came in to pay his fine, and the judge accepted the payment, he could then be lawfully set free since payment was made on his behalf. I told Derrick how Jesus did a similar thing but its effect is eternal.
He had head knowledge of Jesus, but did not totally understand what Jesus did for him on the Cross. I told him to really think about what Jesus did. He needed to repent for his sin and put complete faith in Jesus Christ. Derrick said he thought he had done this but was not certain.

I reiterated he should read the info I gave him. I then asked if he reads his Bible everyday and he said he did not have one. I asked how he was going to speak to God if he did not read His Word? He did not know because his parents don’t have the gas money to go to church. Usually this is the time someone asks for money. Instead I offered him a Bible for which he was very grateful and said he had to leave and get back to his parents. I watched him leave, meet his parents at a outdoor restaurant-bar who were apparently drinking away the gas money. Pray for Derrick…..

"See the body laying there?"

Well it’s a great attention getter to use while open air preaching, which Wes and Justin were doing. Of course, people complained their little kids were frightened and the street fair folks requested we remove it. This begs the question, what were little kids doing at a street party like this?? The 2 people from the street party organizers said they really did not like telling us to put away “Annie”. They both said they were believers and really admire us for doing what we are commanded us to do. We complied and put “Annie” back in her case….. Wes and Justin went back to preaching.

Then I had four 15 year old girls show up at the booth for their Good Person test. One was pretty quiet and asked for a Spanish Gospel of John, another went through the test – failed as we all do, then asked “Will Jews go to Hell because they are Jewish?” Of course the answer was ‘No’ they will go to Hell for sinning, not repenting and not putting their faith in Yeshua as the Messiah. I told her I am Jewish and she actually stood there with nothing to say – shocker!

The other 2 girls claimed to be lesbians. 2 of the other evangelists with me also talked to them for a little while as they were getting pretty disruptive and trying to get me off topic with the first 2 girls. The 2 lesbians were hostile and completely antagonistic toward God and were asking the usual “how can a loving God send people to Hell?”, “There is no God” and “we originated by the big bang”, etc. They mocked the Bible yet I said they would believe any book a teacher throws in front of them because it is “scientific”. I was told that everything could be proven by science so there is no Creator. I asked them to make me some honey while they were standing there or a bee to make the honey. Where did all this stuff around us come from? They did not get the challenge.
Finally I told them that they can believe whatever they want but one day they will stand in front of the God they hate and be without excuse. Then it will be too late.

The girl who wanted the Spanish Gospel came back over and said she really knew she was going to heaven and why she would be. I kindly suggested that if she were really serious about her relationship with God she might want to re-evaluate coming to this event and the friends she has.

By 9 O’clock most people were getting too drunk to make any sense so we shut it down and went home….

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