Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Canada.

Roger, a Canadian here on business was busy taking a picture of the beach warning sign that has the different color flags and their warnings. These are rip currents, high winds and the blue flag is for Man of War or Jellyfish. He asked if this was for real, thinking it might be a joke. I told him sure but it does not happen very often with excessive dangerous jellyfish. I also said that some people can have adverse reactions and can die. He was surprised. I then said you know those that die from these stings are like anyone else who dies – they wind up in Heaven or Hell. I asked Roger where he thought he might go.

There was the transition – I did not even think about it, but the Holy Spirit led me through this and the rest of the conversation. Roger was very interested in hearing about Law and Grace. I wrapped it up by telling him to look for the Bible that was probably in his hotel room. He said he would and also read the “Why Christianity” booklet. I did mention if he saw a Book or Mormon to pitch it and not read it. He said he knew about this type of religion (I corrected him to call Mormonism a cult) because some of his relatives are JW’s and he knew what they said was a lie.
Pray Roger reads and follows through with where the Lord is leading him.

Dan was with another guy drinking coffee and I stopped to talk to him. Gave him a MDB and asked where he was going when he died. He said he was a Christian and knew about repentance and grace and would be going to heaven. I challenged him and asked if I were stabbed in the back and fell in front of him – how would I get to heaven? He answered again about repentance and that Jesus died on the Cross for the repentant sinner. So I thought this was easy, time to move on.

Then Dan explained he had stopped going to church because they did not like his life style. He told me the guy next to him was his life partner, Steve. Dan said he was married and has some kids but knew he was genetically homosexual. (huh?)

I asked him what he thought of the verses throughout the Bible regarding homosexuality. (1 Corinthians says 'no homosexuals will enter heaven'). He said he would deal with that when he died and was in front of God because he knew God knew him well enough. I asked if there was anything else in the Bible he thought was false. Either all the Bible is true or none of it is.

I left them thinking.

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