Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is there not a causeway?

Allyson and I thought we were going to do some exercise and walk the causeway this morning. This bridge looks daunting. We put our game faces on and started heading west. As we walked we observed that the weather was grand, even if it was a bit cold for our locale. "At least we don't have snow on the ground!" we laughed.

As we passed people we gave out tracts, making use of our time. At the other end we decided to walk down by the water. It was a beautiful day, sun shining off of the waves. We noticed that birds of every sort were hanging out underneath the bridge. We made up stories about them-ok I did that not Allyson. Anyway, we decided to go back up and do the return stretch.

We walked and stopped. As we did this we noticed for the first time the flex in the bridge. "OK, this is creepy. Let's get to the other side." Now of course, the causeway is built to flex, but standing there feeling it with nothing under you but water, is kind of scary.

I noticed something causing waves below us. "Look!" I yelled. We stopped to watch a mother dolphin and her new baby swimming. "That is so cool!!" We talked about how Heaven might look with the crystal sea being clear. We laughed about how little we really understood.

At the bottom of the ramp we started to pass a man with a small brown dog. He said his name was Ross and he introduced the dog as Brownie. He was originally from the Philippines but has been here 40 years. He is an engineer and now retired. We talked to him about death and he told us his brother had recently died. He told us he was a Catholic man and we asked him if he had kept the 10 Commandments. He seemed concerned that we were not Catholics. At first he was reluctant to speak with us but we told him that we did not follow a man-we follow Jesus. We also clarified that we were not Jehovah's Witnesses. After we cleared that up he spoke more freely. After some discussion, Ross was waved away by his wife, who was waiting for him.

As we walked toward his van, he told us that the only time he had questioned God was when his brother died. He said he spent much time asking God, 'why?'.

We gave him a Good Person tract and asked him to read it later. He told us he would and waved goodbye.

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