Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pre-arranged bugs?

This morning when I got up I asked God to put someone in my path who was searching for Him.

After doing some errands I stopped at the carwash. I was sitting on the long bench when all of the sudden a guy came and sat down-right next to me. No one else was there and he could have sat down about 8 feet away at the other end, but no.

"Hi" he spoke first. "I'm Steven."

"Hey. I'm Jen, how are you?" I asked him. I noticed he had a huge truck with a lift kit on it. "Wow, nice truck. I would definitely need a ladder to get in it."

"Thank you. Are you trying to get the love-bugs off of your truck?" In Florida we have a period of about a month when we get these bugs and they cover your car and everything else. They are actually acidic and need to be immediately washed from your vehicle.

"Yes, I am." Just then the guys signaled me that my truck was finished. I had to go. "Listen Steven, I want to give you something and I hope you'll read it." I handed him a Good Person tract.

"You know, this was meant to be because I'm trying to get my life on track spiritually", he said.

"Well, this will definitely get you where you need to be. I'm going to be praying for you Steven."

"Thanks", he smiled.

Why be surprised?

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