Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trillion Dollar Question

What a great day witnessing. I spoke with Eric and Lauren for a long time after they each received a Trillion Dollar Bill. Eric looked at the bill, turned it over and began to read it out loud. This was great because a few others heard him reading this Gospel message.

Eric said he was a believer and Lauren was too except she was not sure. Confusing – yes. As it turned out Eric said he had a chemical imbalance but under medication and this explained a few things about his focus and listening. Eric was very sincere and cared very much about Lauren. He said she would be going to heaven with him because he cared so much about her.

I asked Lauren her beliefs and he time, Eric would answer – Lauren said very little. I asked her if she believed in God and she said she was not sure but did not think so. We talked about creation and how did all the trees, the ocean, etc. get here? I explained about the building behind where we standing that there had to be a builder even though she did not see the builder.

Eric said she was a very caring person and did lots of good things. I asked Lauren about her guilt and innocence in breaking a few of God’s commandments and she acknowledged she had broken some. We talked about a local court room and how if she had hit someone with her car, and stood in front of the judge – would she be guilty or innocent. Lauren said guilty. I said the fine would be $10 million or life imprisonment – which would she have to take? She said life and I said that what if someone came into the court and said he would pay the $10 million on her behalf, would that not be a great thing? She said yes and I told her how the judge could accept that payment on her behalf and her fine would be settled – then he can legally let her go and dismiss the case as paid in full. This is what Jesus did - paid her fine because she could not because like all of us, we are not good enough

At this time Eric said again Lauren goes to church with him and she will be saved because of his belief. I used again the courtroom example and said if Eric went to the court and was there the whole time, would the judge set her free just because Eric was there? They both said no and seemed to get the connection that salvation is not through another person. I also explained to Lauren what “being saved” meant as it was used a few times and I gathered she did not know that this meant being saved from eternity in Hell separated from God forever.

I explained to Lauren that when the person came into the courtroom and offered to pay her fine, she could say no to that offer. She has the free will to reject this offer of payment. I told her so far, that is what she has done with the free offer of payment Jesus has made – it’s there but she has rejected it so far. I could see a reaction for the first time. Lauren is now thinking about this and the idea that sitting in church and hanging with a believer is not going to help her. She needs to make that decision for herself and its between her and God.

I left her with a Why Christianity book and of course her Trillion dollar bill.
Pray Lauren repents and puts her faith in Jesus.

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