Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Diana keeps going!

My friend Diana loves to fish....for people. In November she hurt her leg, but in spite of the pain she walking and passing out tracts for a couple more weeks until she found out that her leg was broken! She tries not to let anything stop her.

She and I went fishing today at a bus stop near her home. The walking was not easy for her with the crutches. The potholes and gravel were a bit difficult to negotiate, but she never complained.

When we got over to the benches, she sat down near two young prostitutes. The girls might have been 17 or so. They both claimed to be Christians. Diana confronted them kindly about true repentance until their bus came.

Tiffany, a "until recently" homeless girl came over to ask Diana about her leg. Diana asked if she was attending church now.

"I haven't found one I'm comfortable with yet." Tiffany said. "But I do read my Bible every day now."

They talked some more until some others walked up. The bus stop is a great place to talk to people about the Lord. You get about 15 minutes to talk to people, they catch their bus and then new people are dropped off.

I'm so thankful to have friends like Diana, who persevere through whatever life brings.

Ephesians 6-Stand firm!

Location:Melbourne Beach FL

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