Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bakers Dozen

We were asked by Pastor Bob at Calvary Chapel Venice to teach a one day crash course at the church. We invited our friends Steve and Dayna to come and help us out. Saturday morning came and we were so excited to see that while 6 signed up, 13 were present! Pastor Bob and his lovely wife Barb were so gracious to provide breakfast and even a worship leader! We sang a few songs and then dug in to study. We did some videos and role played, too. Even after only 3 hours everyone did really well.

Venice was having it's yearly Art Festival. It provided a great opportunity for an outreach. On the way over we stopped at Pineapple's Grill for a quick bite to eat. Milt, one of the students wanted to get started so he went out alone!!! Can you imagine your first time out- alone?? We are so thankful for people who still want to know how to share the Gospel.

We are so very grateful to Pastor Bob and Barb for allowing us to teach this class. We are praying that they will consider the full 8-week course here.

2 timothy 3:15

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