Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving on to Texas

We have made the move from Florida to Texas. We’ve had so much going on here – deliveries, etc. Everyone who came got a tip and a couple of booklets – One Second after You Die, God has a Wonderful Plan for your Life, tracts and more...

I went to the grocery store and the young man who greeted people (yeah they do that here at the grocery store) refused the trillion dollar bill I offered. Said no way - it could like a tip and he would lose his job. He then asked if that had a gospel message going around the outside on the back. I said these are the newest ones he really should take it – again he did not want to appear to take a tip. So then I said “what if I dropped it” could you pick it up? He smiled and said yes. I dropped it and went on and yes he picked it up and read it.

Then I was able to give out some more in the store – there are many workers there and could not do enough to help you. So they all get ‘tips’!! Now it was off to Home Depot.....

Pray that the people who received tracts and booklets read, repent and put their faith in the Jesus Christ, and Him alone.

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