Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

Checking into my hotel tonite, I was met by the Bellman, Bryan. He was a polite young man. As he removed my heavy suitcase from the car, I thanked him and told him I wanted to give him something. I handed him a nice tip along with a Million Dollar Bill. He took my suitcase and followed me to the front desk, where I checked in. As I checked in, he read the tract.

He pulled the suitcase into the elevator and as the doors shut, I asked him what he thought of the message.

"Well, I think about that all the time!" he exclaimed.

"Good, you should you know, because we're all going to die and we must be ready!" He looked a bit shocked at the reply.

We reached the room and he placed the bag onto the stand in the room.

"What's your background Bryan? Do you believe God exists?"

"I'm sort of in the middle. I was raised without ever going to church. So when someone talks to me about God I back away." He said, pushing his hands away from his chest.

"Well, that makes sense really because you have no point of reference for that conversation. But where do you stand...are you atheist then?"

"I'm not sure if God exists."

"So you are an agnostic then?" I could tell he didn't really know the term. "It really just means you're not sure if He exists."

I gave Bryan the example of a painting being proof that there was a painter. The hotel being proof of a builder.

At this he nodded his head and said, "Yes, He exists. You know, I never used to think about it, but lately I've been listening to what people are teaching about this Bible and that Bible."

(How exciting!) I knew my time with Bryan was limited. "Bryan, I want to give you something else to read." I pulled a copy of One Second After You Die from my backpack. "I want you to read this with an open mind and heart."

Bryan reached out his hand and shook mine. "Thank you for this. I will read it, I promise you that."

"Thank you, Bryan, I'm going to be praying for you!"

Someone has obviously been praying for him and although this isn't his real name-God knows his real name. Please, pray for him that God would water this seed and bring salvation to this young man.

Location:Dallas, Texas

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