Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Last night Dennis and I met for pizza with our WOTM class and a chance to talk to people about the Lord. Some were apprehensive while some were cool-all were ready to go. After prayer we broke up into smaller groups and out we went. We had a great chance to speak with 2 young guys’ named Sloam and Kelvin. Kelvin told us he was a Christian. When we asked him some questions he admitted that he should be better at sharing his faith. His friend, Sloam hesitated but said, “Yes” when asked if he was a Christian. We talked more in depth with him and he was very intense when he told us that he needed to go home and talk with God about his destiny.

We had an encounter with a guy named Nick, who told us he was very grateful that God had saved him from Hell. He also told us that he used to be homeless and living on the beach. I didn't give him the black eye...he took the Giant Money willingly!

Valerie became bolder and bolder as the evening went on, handing tracts to all who passed us. …
Sharon spoke to a man who thought his righteousness was ‘enough’. Loretta, Tracy and Theresa encountered an agnostic man who was from the Ukraine. As they brought the Law to him he began to justify himself.

I saw Wes on the corner with 2 guys who were listening closely

Evelyn came with her son Jordon-who is just 11 years old! While Evelyn spoke to a skateboarder, Jordan chose to practice his Curved Illusion on a lady and her teenaged son.

Trish and Diana spoke to a man who was in need of nothing and refused to engage them in conversation. They saw him later intensely reading the Good Person tract they had left him with! Well said that they are called, “Silent Preachers”!

Allyson, Jeffrey, Ken, Jerry, Jeff, Christina, Lillian and Harry rounded out our team. Although I haven’t heard firsthand what experiences they had, I am sure of one thing-they grew! One of the most interesting things I find when talking to people about eternity is that it is not about me talking to them, it is about God teaching us both.

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