Friday, May 30, 2008

"Fishing" in Ukraine

This is an excerpt from the monthly update of Pastor Eric Bougie at Calvary Chapel-Poltava, Ukraine. It's only been 6 months since Eric's church was introduced to "Way of the Master" in a Crash Course. 1/3 of the church showed for the class. Read the progress...
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! We wanted to take the time to share what the Lord has been doing in the month of May! We'll share a bit what we have been doing this month and then list of prayer requests!
We were all able to attend a 4 day Calvary Chapel National Conference outside of Kiev, Ukraine's capital. It was a wonderful time of being fed God's Word and enjoying much time of worship and fellowship with old and new friends. Thank you for praying for the evangelistic seminar I taught. Those that attended were really blessed and encouraged to go out and share their faith "like Jesus did"!

Last weekend our family traveled to a nearby city to share "The Way of the Master" evangelistic seminar. It was a wonderful time to fellowship with the pastor and his wife and meet the people from the church. Pastor Ben has a 20 month old girl so our kids really enjoyed spending time with her. Three people from our church came to serve with us while we were there.
We are almost finished going through the 8 week WOTM seminar in Poltava. Many great things are happening through this and those that are taking it are really growing and have a great desire to share the Lord.
We are going to have our "graduation party" and "fishing trip" together very soon.
In Chootava (a small village we are ministering in) we are renting a hall so we can invite more people to the study. Instead of going 2 a month we are going to go and teach the Word every Saturday. One of the leaders is going to share in the responsibility to teach the study every other week!

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