Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break '09

It was a beautiful Saturday here in central Florida, 83 and breezy. The spring breakers are here in full force.

I met with Steve and Dayna from our Way of the Master Intermediate Class; we prayed and hit the beaches with the unsaved, as well as those who claimed to be born again.

The first few folks did not want to talk and when asked if they believed in Heaven and Hell, they either said, " and I don’t want to talk about it" or another said "...yes but I don’t want to talk about it." Too many distractions for them.

A fellow I stopped and gave a MDB to, said he did believe in Heaven and will be going there. He proudly said he was a believer and that he had admitted his sin, repented and put his faith and trust in Jesus. Very encouraging to me. I asked if we would take a handful of tracts and hand them out when he got home, which he did.

Then I started to talk to Ron. Originally from Haiti he said he was a believer but further prodding showed he was not too sure of how and when he really surrender his life. Said his wife was a believer since she was born. I did not even go there.
Ron said she took him to church and what changed his mind was the movie “Left Behind”.

I asked him if I fell in front of him and had 3 minutes to live, how would I get to Heaven? He said he would pray for me. Sad. When I asked what he would say about sin and repentance, he said something about "...dying like you are could not be a sin." A disconnect here somehow.

Anyway, I gave him the example of a cure for his disease sin) but since he did not know he had the disease it would make no sense to him. I gave him the Good Person test about the law, and he admitted he broke the law. He could never tell me if he really admitted this to God.

Then he tells me he has heard some of this before on Joel Osteen. I had no comment except I told him I did not want his money,,,,,

I gave him some more info and asked him to re-think his walk with God – he was very sincere and I think he will.

Steve and Dayna had some good encounters and will post them later.

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