Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Go ye into all the world….

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Nice, France. On the plane I had listened to a message from John MacArthur about going into all the world with the Gospel. He talked about a ‘new’ version of faith that teaches it is not necessary and how completely wrong and against scripture this teaching is. Without a preacher who will they hear (Romans 10:14)? The message was inspiring.

I ate lunch at an outdoor café and watched all the people go by. Then it hit me – what about the 400+ tracts I brought on this trip?? Why am I here?

I walked the 2 km back to the hotel, got the tracts and went back out. This time I walked down the quay that was along the Mediterranean Sea since there were dozens of people out walking, skating and riding there. I tried handing out the Million Euro notes and Obama Trillions and only 1 person out of 100 took one. That was enough to discourage me and I stopped and prayed. As usual God gave me the obvious answer – go back to the open air mall where I had lunch.

There was a girl handing out discount coupons to a café at a busy pedestrian intersection. So I stationed myself on the other side of the road. It was interesting that those who took her coupon also took a tract and those who refused her coupon refused the tract as well.

In about 1 hour I had given out the 400+ tracts. Please pray for the souls who received God’s Word!! If you can, notice the boy in the black T shirt with the pentagram.

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