Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Set 'em up Joe.

The nursing home doesn't really seem like a place to meet a guy with this name, but we did. There he was sitting by himself in the courtyard. He wasn't interested in speaking to us at first. He was just trying to take in some sun. It's been pretty chilly here in Florida lately.

Joe told me he wasn't a church-going man, never had been. He told me he was an engineer. We talked about the way that engineers plan things out. They like to know what's coming next. He realized that he didn't know what was coming and he was not prepared, at all.

After answering a few questions, Joe got serious and listened to what the Bible had to say about eternity. While he listened he had a surprised and somewhat shocked look on his face. He learned that although he was indeed destined for Hell, God had made a way of escape. Just as we started to talk about it, Physical Therapy came to get him. I really do hate that!

Pray for Joe and his wife Greta, they are both here.

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