Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Jets - More Opportunities to Spread the Gospel

On my way to DC this week the opportunity to witness was provided right away. The plane (small 50 passenger regional jet) took off fast and leveled off quickly at a fairly low altitude and kind shook a little bit. The girl next to me got a very frightened look and stared over at me. I said this was normal on a small jet and she said she recently developed a fear of dying because some relatives had died recently!

Wow what an opportunity. I told her no one wants to die but we all will one day. I said she needs to make sure she knows where she will go when she dies. She believed in Heaven but not sure about Hell. Of course she said she was a good person and would go to heaven. We went through a few of the Ten Commandments and she admitted she was a sinner. It was then I found out she was a teacher at a Christian school. I gave her the Gospel message and re-confirmed with her that she understood what Jesus really did on the Cross. I am not sure she really understood the concept of repentance and faith.

She also said she used to attend a Presbyterian church and changed recently because the message was non-committal. If she thinks that church is a problem, look at this summary of what I understood her beliefs to be:

I don't think God will send people to Hell if they are good.

God knows whether a person should go to Heaven.

A person who never heard of the Bible could go to Heaven.

The tracts I used were very scary as they talked about Hell – one should say all the good things about Jesus, not anything about Hell.

God would not judge

“Believers” in Jesus are not the only ones who will go to Heaven.

I left some tracts with her and pray she reads them. More importantly I pray she reads the Bible.

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