Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hearing From God Without Any Help From Edgar Cayce.

A year ago when James came in, he would not allow me to talk with him about God and he was rather cold in general. A few months went by and our contact was relegated to general greetings and on occasion the beginning of a conversation, which he would quickly shut down. In an Intermediate training class I gave the assignment of visiting the nursing home to some students, who immediately took me up on it.

Dave was in the hallway near James' room and I asked him if he would like to go talk to James. He went in and was in there for a little while. When he came out he smiled and told me that they had a nice visit. I was a bit surprised and very pleased.

Since that time I have been dropping off books for James and leaving them on top of his bed. He is a voracious reader, never without a book. I never told him it was me, but last week he stopped and asked if it was. I confirmed his suspicions.

"Well, I am reading my Bible every day you know." he said.

I was floored. I smiled at him. "No, I didn't but that is great James!"

"Well, it's the Word of God and I really want to know it." he said with a slight smile.

This week he stopped Allyson and I as we walked past his room. He asked if he could ask a question of us.

"Sure, James...what's up?"

"How many people do you see?" he asked.

"Well we try to see every one, but we are only able to see a few each week."

"Well...I know you guys talk to people...and I'm a little confused. I mean, I'm not sure how...well, I want to bear fruit!"

We smiled at him. Allyson explained to him that he was bearing fruit with his testimony already. "You know James, this is quite a statement from a guy who was reading Edgar Cayce when he came in." We all laughed.

"Well, I want to know how to, you know, talk to people!" he smiled. (Wow.)

We've decided that James needs an evangelism class and we are going to arrange one just for him. We'll definitely keep you posted on this one.

John 5:25 "Truly, truly, I say to you, an hour is coming, and is now here, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.

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