Thursday, July 1, 2010

Europe Gets the Gospel

What a great trip to Netherlands-Germany-England in only 4 days. I was able to share the Gospel with a lady on the way to Netherlands who said she was a Believer and when I gave her a copy of Ray Comfort’s Wonderful Life book – she really got interested. Read without stopping, even when we landed in Atlanta. She said she would continue and finish on her next flight.

I made it to the Netherlands on Monday and took a train down to Rotterdam for work. At lunch I was able to witness to a business colleague. I usually don’t mix the two but the conversation went the direction God directed. It was a great opportunity to talk about my testimony because he was going through a situation that was similar to mine that lead me to the Cross.

I saw many Muslims, probably more than non-Muslim. Statistics show that Muslims will exceed Christianity in Holland very soon. The photo is from a local paper showing a man “chewing for allah” – tobacco.

On to Germany… I was staying near the town of Hamelin. It is the supposed location of the fictional character Pied Piper so the city center is 'touristy' and blocked off with several pedestrian areas and allowed plenty of “fishing” sites. It was difficult to stop anyone and talk but I did hand out a lot of tracts. The picture is of 3 young boys interested in the tract (Million Euro World Cup) but did not want to engage in a conversation.

In England I traveled to a small village for a business meeting. There is a Castle there dating from 1100 AD and a great “fishing” spot. Many young people there and most were Goth or some variation of it. Extremely sad and there is an obvious absence of God. I did find the shopping area where you can find the missing link though!

All in all – about 250 tracts given out, “Why Christianity?” books left in hotel rooms and a “Wonderful Life” book now in the hands of one who really wants to learn about false converts.

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