Friday, March 18, 2011

Daddy, how do I get to Heaven?

As we entered the restaurant we noticed that the only thing open was the bar. We hesitated, then thirst won out. As the bartender brought our Cokes, we asked him about a large tattoo on his arm. It was a cross with his grand-fathers' names inside. I asked him why he chose a cross.

"No reason, just a Celtic cross.". The way he said it made me think he didn't want a 'religion' discussion. Then he showed us a tattoo going down his arm with the name Madelyn. He told us that it was his daughter's name and that she was his pride and joy. He told us that he and his wife were expecting a new baby soon. He showed us where he would put the new name.

In light of that, I asked if he believed in Heaven and Hell. Scott told us that he believed in Heaven but not Hell. We talked about that for a moment and Scott told us that he was raised a Catholic but didn't believe 'all that'. He told us that he took catechism and was baptized but didn't believe all that stuff. Then he got busy and waited on some others who were there. He avoided us for a few minutes and then came back around. He seemed very closed to our discussion.

"What will you tell Madelyn and Sophie one day when they ask you how to get to Heaven?"

In a moment, his face changed. All arrogance was wiped away. He now seemed a bit desperate.

"I know that you're busy Scott. I'm going to leave this little booklet for you and I hope you'll read it before you sleep tonite."

He quickly came over and picked up the Good Person test lying on the bar. He took a pitcher with his tips in it that he had under the counter.

"I'm gonna keep this in here. I promise that I'll read it tonite." What he once avoided he now seemed to treasure.

Now that's a great tip!! (FYI: we left a great REAL tip along with that. Be sure you glorify the Lord with your testimony. Don't be stingy with your tips!)

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