Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Share your Faith - Today!

Last week at the Spring Praise Fest in Cocoa Fl was a great opportunity to witness to believers and non-believers and those not so sure of where they are with Jesus Christ. The Praise Fest is an all day event with several of the local church praise bands.

I saw a couple sitting off by themselves with a small Sheltie dog so I went up to pet the dog – use whatever means possible to start a conversation. I quickly asked if they were believers and she said yes and her husband is an assistant pastor at a church that she said has become the recovery church. Many of the attenders are recovering addicts of different types. We talked a bit of what they teach, are they of the God has a Wonderful Plan for your Life church or do they use the Bible? He said he thinks he is very sound but when I spoke to him a little more, he was struggling. I gave them the Wonder Plan book and both were appreciative.

Then she said she is struggling to witness to some co-workers. One a Lesbian, another an atheist and another she was not sure what she believed. I gave her some tracts to use, including the “Are you afraid to Die” booklet. She was very appreciative and was surprised there are actually people who help others learn to witness Biblically.

It’s time to learn how to witness – God has given us the plan in His Word.
John 4:1-30, Luke 18:18-30

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