Monday, October 27, 2008

Carnival Time!

We heard that there was to be a carnival in town at a local church so we decided to drop in! After we prayed, we went in, in teams of two. My team mate must have had a different appointment, because at the gate to the carnival he kept going towards the church. We exchanged glances and then parted as I kept walked into the carnival and he towards the church. As I entered the carnival midway, I noticed there were not very many customers or spectators. It was pretty empty except for a few visitors and the carnival workers who were standing around talking with each other. More people came as we were witnessing. Since this was the first outreach for some of the new WOTM students, I thought I would wait for them so I walked the midway to check it out.

I then saw two teams of two, both of them witnessing. On one team, Mary was talking to the guys operating the Super Slide. They were very interested in what Mary was saying to them so I took their picture.

As I turned to my right, Trish’s group was still engaged in a conversation. They were talking to a man inside a Lemon Hut. He was holding a large $100 gospel tract. I could tell that the man’s conscious was working, by the expression on his face. I also know the Holy Spirit was working, because I was able to take several pictures and adjust my camera without him ever looking up from what Trish was saying to him.

I started walking and heard Dennis over the noise of the carnival rides. I looked and he was about 50 or so feet away. I realized Dennis was giving a really good "open air preaching" to a man running a game with little rubber ducks. I got closer for a picture and saw that the man he was speaking to was locked on to every word coming from Dennis’ mouth. He never noticed me taking the picture but Dennis did. It didn't slow Dennis down and he never even changed his tone. I could tell the Holy Spirit was speaking directly through Dennis to this man’s conscious.

I started back to the other side of the midway when the game attendants started calling me over, not to play a game but because they wanted some of the giant $100 bills (gospel tracts) I was carrying around. These people working for the carnival were basically starving for Truth. It was such a refreshing opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus with them, they were so open. When I asked where they were going to spend eternity they weren't sure, or they knew it would not be in Heaven. I found that I didn't need to share too much about the Law of God before they knew they had broken it-that they were sinners. I spoke to them of Judgment Day and Gods penalty for sin. I related this to the natural realm here on earth by comparing an example of standing in a court room before a Judge being convicted of a serious crime and then having someone else come and pay our fine in your stead. I told them about the Cross and what Jesus has done to pay for our sins. I told them it was not just a belief in Jesus but that we had to repent and trust in Jesus and do as He commands in the Bible. I asked them what sin was so important to them that they were willing to give up Heaven and spend eternity in Hell. I asked them why they would be willing to spend eternity in Hell in order to have a few short years of doing life their way- instead of just surrendering control to God.

As Dennis said to me as we passed each other in the midway, " I know that man I was talking to is really going to be thinking of his eternal destination while he is trying to go to sleep tonight." And that’s what I asked people to do before they went to sleep- to get right with God. They were very happy to take Ray Comfort's book, "SAVE YOURSELF SOME PAIN" which tells how to get right with God and how to have a relationship with Him. I also gave them "The Pocket Testament" book of John.

I had finished one conversation I was having and saw that Diana was standing next to me. She was locked into a conversation with a young man I had planned to speak with next. I took their picture. They never even looked up.

The most memorable moment was when I saw Trish witnessing to a lady, tending one of the games. They were very much into their conversation and I could see the concern on the face of the lady Trish was talking with. Trish had her back turned to me and the lady was facing me. I was going to take a picture when I realized the lady was praying and giving her life to Jesus! I waited with such joy and then asked Trish to see if I could take their picture. She agreed and I took the picture of them and congratulated her on her decision for Jesus. That by far is the best thing I have witnessed all week. Praise God!

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