Friday, December 4, 2009

Conversing with the dead.

I met S. when I gave him a tract. He was a young guy about 16. He had an accent and told me he was from Germany, visiting here. I noticed an unusual necklace that he was wearing. He told me it was to ward off evil spirits and he thought it had something to do with kabbalah. He went on to tell me that his grandfather was a man who 'conversed with the dead'.

Regarding the afterlife, S. thought that everyone goes to Heaven and he didn't really believe in Hell. We talked about the standard of goodness and I took him through the Law with the 10 Commandments. S. admitted guilt on three serious offenses. When I asked him where he would spend eternity he seemed unsure. We talked about Hell in detail. We talked about the pain and torment experienced there. I told him it was unending.

I asked him if he had ever seen any of the 'dead people' that his grandfather claimed to 'call up'. He told me he had indeed. I asked him if he knew that those 'dead people' were in actuality demons. He nodded. Funny, he already knew who they really were. I told him the story about when Satan was cast from Heaven. I let him know that those spirits were destined for Hell and according to James 2:19 they already believed in God, without question. Seeing another young man motioning to him, I quickly told him of the Redeemer and what He did for us. S. listened and told me he had to go.

"Before you go S., I want you to know something. Those demons you are playing with will tire of the games. One day soon you will be in over your head and there is only One name given among men, whereby you must be saved. His name is Jesus and He's your only Hope. Call His name!!"

Acts 4:12 'And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."

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