Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Gospel wins at the Global Warming Summit

We have just received this from our Brother in Christ, Dayton Griffin:

Greetings from Copenhagen,

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all who have prayed, sent references, or directly worked on translations of the "Good News" gospel tracts. We have translations to 13 other languages completed, with several more "in the works." After English and Danish, Chinese has been the most frequently-given language. But we are finding need for all of the languages we have. So many times we have seen someone visibly brighten when we offer "Good News" in their own heart language!

We have had many productive days here at COP15, sharing the gospel along with our Danish brothers and sisters at the Little Mermaid statue and on the main "walking street." People happily receive the "Obama trillions" and million-dollar bill tracts from Living Waters, and our children have been successful in handing out over a thousand of these.

We've had numerous divine appointments, like sharing a gospel tract with "Sofia" on the train Sunday morning only to learn that she is a messianic Jew who Jesus found 5 years ago. What an encouragement to talk with her and exalt our savior as we were heading to the front lines of the spiritual battle. On Friday, Kelie had a long discussion with "Nikolai," who came back around to talk further after getting a gospel tract. Nikolai was ready that day to repent and trust Jesus! We've had many other productive conversations. Although many here have been deceived into worshipping the creation while denying the Creator, we are sharing the truth in love.

The conference lasts through Friday, so we plan to go out again as the Lord leads and directs. We'd appreciate prayers for physical and spiritual protection for this ministry team.

Blessings, The Griffin Family

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