Friday, April 9, 2010

Aguas Vivientes!

I could not remember my password when I was on the net last night trying to pay a bill. Arrrgggh! Finally I broke down and called Jose' in Customer Service. He was a very nice young man with a heavy Spanish accent. He was very helpful and solved my problem.

After we were finished with the password issue Jose' asked me if I had any other questions. I just love that. Of course I told him I did.

"Jose' I have a question for you that is off the usual subject, but please take this seriously. I want you to really think about this, OK?"


"How do I get to Heaven?"

He was quiet a moment and then said, "You have to do the right thing, you have to obey laws and be nice to other people."

"Do you do those things?" I asked him.

"Yes ma'am, I go to church and confession and take communion, and I'm nice to other people. I try to do the right thing."

"You are a good man?"

"Yes ma'am. I try to be." he said.

"Jose' I want to test your theory, OK? But I want to make sure that before you answer these questions you really think about them and you are honest before God-OK?"

"Yes ma'am."

I knew that this call was being taped and I also wanted to be respectful that Jose' was at work. I quickly went through 3 of the 10 Commandments and we discovered that Jose' had lied, stolen and blasphemed God's name.

He quickly justified his actions. "But I haven't committed anything really big."

"So you think maybe God will weigh everything and decide that you did more good than bad?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am." Even I would vouch that he was very polite.

After talking a bit more Jose' was struck by the fact that our sins and acts of disobedience are something that we cannot erase. They will stand forever, unless erased and forgiven by The Only One Who Can Forgive.

Jose' also learned the reason that Jesus really came-to make a payment for us that we CANNOT. We simply don't have it! We talked about repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone.

"You can't hang on to your good works, Jose'. You must let them go and hang on to Jesus. He's the only way!" I quoted John 14:6 to him. "I hope you will really do some thinking about this. I don't want you to go to Hell, Jose'."

"I don't want to go to Hell either!"

"The only way for you to avoid it now is to talk to God. Beg Him for forgiveness and put your trust only in Jesus! How do you say Living Water in Spanish?" I never can remember that!!! (Sorry Spanish-speaking friends!)

"Aguas vivientes."

"That's it! Go to that website, Jose'."

"Wait a minute...I want to write this down!" I could hear him scrambling at his desk.

After getting off of the phone, I prayed for Jose' that he would seek God and not stop until he found Him.

I am so very thankful that we have resources for the Spanish-speakers out there!!

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